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Everything You Need To Know About Biotin for Women Health

by andMe Bioactive Beverage 17 Jan 2022

What is Biotin?

Biotin is also called as vitamin B-7, and is a part of various metabolic processes. The word Biotin is derivative from the Greek word “biotos” which means sustenance. It is known for its properties of keeping your hair, skin, eyes, liver and the nervous system in good shape. It is a crucial ingredient during pregnancy as it helps in the growth of the embryo. 

Most people get their Biotin from a healthy diet, but it is especially useful for people whose lifestyles include alcohol, and for women looking to improve the quality of their skin and hair.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the benefits of Biotin and its recommended usage:

Role of Biotin in Male and Female

Role of Biotin in Male and Female

Biotin or often called Vitamin B7, is one of the essential eight vitamins for the human body. Also, it is called Vitamin H, which stands for "Haar and Haut ", the German Translation of "hair and skin". The word "biotin" is derived from the Greek word "biotos", which means "life". Therefore, Biotin vitamins are generally used for hair growth and healthy skin, eyes, liver, and nervous system. Other than that, Biotin is also integral in monitoring the function of the carboxylases enzyme. This enzyme helps to produce glucose, fatty acids and maintain the metabolic process. Biotin also is a crucial component for pregnant ladies for embryonic growth.

Furthermore, Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. According to the human body mechanism, water-soluble vitamins are not supposed to be stored in our system. Therefore, the only source of Biotin is food sources or supplements. Also, Biotin strengthens hair and skin from the roots. 

Some health benefits of Biotin

Benefits Of Biotin

Regulates metabolism: The primary function of Biotin is to control metabolism. Daily consumption of Biotin can monitor your body's metabolism rate. Most of the B vitamins convert our food to fuel (glucose) to produce energy. Your body needs Biotin to metabolize carbohydrates, fat, amino acids, and it even works as one of the building blocks of protein. 

Healthy heart: Another significant benefit of Biotin is protecting our heart from any kind of major disease or attack. Adequate consumption of Biotin can stimulate blood flow in your heart and prevent the human heart from any serious condition. Biotin also increases high-density lipoprotein and decreases the low-density lipoprotein, which reduces the chances of heart attacks. 

Promotes brain function: Biotin is also responsible for a healthy nervous system. Biotin sources are also advised for the effective functioning of your brain. Biotin helps in the formation of the myelin sheath. It is a fatty substance that protects the brain from various problems. Also, the myelin sheath is integral for the normal functioning of your brain. 

Boosts immunity: Biotin food sources are mandatory in your regular diet because they generate white blood cells responsible for developing and boosting immunity in the human body. Especially in the post-covid era, a Biotin enriched diet is essential for your body to combat any sensitive situation. 

Controls diabetes: Biotin increases the production of insulin in the body and helps monitor blood sugar levels. Biotin supplements are often suggested in type 2 diabetes. 

Help in pre and post-pregnancy: Sometimes in pregnancy, also doctors suggest women take Biotin-rich food for the baby's growth. Also, Biotin powder provides you and your baby with adequate nutrition while breastfeeding. 

Reduce inflammation: Biotin is also made of anti-inflammation components that decrease allergic diseases. It also decreases the reoccurrences of allergic diseases by targeting the root of the problem. 

Repair tissues: Along with healthy hair and skin, Biotin also ensures that specific muscles and tissues of affected areas are adequately repaired so that they can perform the desired functions. 

Weight loss: Biotin is one of the essential ingredients that enhances your weight loss programs. A biotin diet or boosters will help you burn those extra kilos.

Natural sources of biotin

Being a water-soluble vitamin, Biotin can't be stored in the body for a longer time. So the ideal way to maintain the Vitamin B level would be to incorporate natural food sources into your regular diet. Oral pills and supplements might not be suitable according to everyone's age, lifestyle, health history or food habits.

In this case, you can infuse the following food items into your regular diet:

Liver: It consists of almost 30mcg of Biotin. You can make an entire fulfilling meal with liver curry. It contains high protein along with folate, strengthens your body muscle, and benefits your body functions overall.

Eggs:  One egg consists of 10mcg of Biotin. Along with Biotin, eggs also provide Vitamin A, D, and zinc. 

Salmon: Salmon comprise 5 mcg biotin. This is the most minor contaminated source of Biotin. Also, Salmon is made of Omega-3 fatty acids that enhance the body's optimal growth.

Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes have 2.4mcg Biotin. Also, this consists of an antioxidant called beta-carotene which benefits your skin. 

Broccoli: Broccoli is one of the most healthy sources of Biotin. 45 grams of broccoli gives 0.4mcg of Biotin. Also, Biotin is a nutrient-enriched vegetable full of calcium, fibre, and Vitamin A and C. 

Avocados: A 200 gram Avocado consists of 1.85mcg Biotin. Also, it consists of unsaturated fat, so it's also good for weight loss.

Some other sources of Biotin:

‣ Legumes: Legumes like peas, beans, lentils are enriched with high-protein, fibre, and micronutrients. Peanuts and soybeans are some of the highest and healthiest sources of Biotin. One ounce of legumes consists of 5mcg Biotin. They are generally used as a salad base or maybe drizzled on some baked dishes. 

‣ Nuts: Dry fruits, nuts, seeds are good sources of fibre, unsaturated fat, and protein. The Biotin amount varies from different types of nuts. Nuts and seeds are toasted or drizzled on salads or dishes or blended into homemade nut butter. 

‣ Mushrooms: It is a nutrient-rich fungi with several health benefits. It gives an ample amount of Biotin to your body. That is why Mushroom plants can protect themselves from predators and parasites in the wild. 120 grams of button Mushroom has 2.6mcg Biotin.

‣ Banana: Bananas are eaten almost worldwide for breakfast. They are filled with carbs, protein, fibre, copper, potassium, etc. One small banana consists of 0.2 mcg of Biotin. 

What are the Benefits of the Biotin for Hair and skin?

Biotin for hair: 


Biotin hair products are used by most people who have issues with hair fall. Hair loss can happen due to causes such as genetics, hard water usage, too many chemical products, medications, depression or stress.

Biotin or vitamin B7 instigates keratin production in your hair and increases the rate of follicle hair growth. Sometimes Biotin is also induced in shampoos and hair serums that claim to reduce hair fall, but sometimes it might not be that effective. In cosmetic products, there are added chemicals and preservatives that can harm your hair or scalp. Also, sometimes you might be allergic to a few compounds.

Consuming Biotin rich and healthy food have been proven the best way to prevent Biotin deficiency in your body. Biotin goes to the roots of your hair strands and makes them stronger. Biotin is also an excellent medicine to prevent hair thinning, dry and sticky hair, and reoccurrence of hair loss.

The recommended amount of Biotin depends on the body type and severity. Sometimes women with PCOS start noticing male pattern baldness on their scalp. For them, it is essential to have some of the best supplements for hair growth. 

Biotin for skin:

Biotin is the greatest cure for broken nails. This vitamin strengthens your nail tips. According to some studies, if you take 2.5miligram biotin supplements daily for at least 6months, it will increase your nail's thickness by 25%. People who have brittle nail tips can have Biotin daily to reduce breaking. 

Biotin helps to provide naturally glowing skin by cleansing your dirty pores. In addition, it aids in maintaining mucous membranes of the skin. Also, it cures your red scaly rashes and patches on the skin. Biotin also helps to regulate metabolizing fat that is essential to maintain healthy skin. Biotin also helps hydrate the skin and makes it smoother. Biotin is a versatile addition to your daily skincare routine. 

How Biotin's function in the body

Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins that comprises the ureido ring and a tetrahydrothiophene ring that attaches an acidic substituent to one of its carbon atoms. Biotin is integral for cell growth, producing fatty acids, metabolism of fats and amino acids. Biotin is also essential for the kreb cycle, which generates energy from the food intake. Along with chemical conversions, Biotin also helps in transferring Carbon dioxide and maintaining steady blood sugar. 

Biotin is necessary for the proper functioning of enzymes that transport carboxyl units. It is also required for metabolic functions, including lipogenesis, gluconeogenesis, fatty acid biosynthesis, and catabolism of branched-chain amino acids.

Sometimes newborn babies lack Biotin that can develop serious scalp conditions. That is why during pregnancy, women are suggested to have a biotin-rich diet so that the foetus can grow well. Biotin also sometimes helps to maintain a healthy nervous system. It eliminates significant symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy. People develop this condition due to diabetes or dialysis for kidney failure. Peripheral Neuropathy is nerve damage in feet, arms, hands, and legs. 

Biotin Supplements 

  • Natural vs. Artificial
Natural Vs Artificial Supplements

Biotin for the body is like sunshine for the earth. But, sometimes, Biotin rich food also can't fulfil the human body's requirements. That's when you can take the help of artificial biotin supplements. It is available in the form of powder, pills, tablets, or sometimes combined with multivitamins. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced life, everyone ends up eating junk food, so more than half of the population prefers taking biotin supplements rather than adjusting their diet. 

However, there is a debate on whether synthetic nutrients provide the same benefits as natural nutrients. This is because natural nutrients are obtained from regular food habits. Synthetic nutrients are also called isolated nutrients and are made artificially in an industrial process. Therefore, synthetic nutrients do not consist of whole food supplements; they include vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These supplements are made as a replacement for natural biotin sources.

But few supplements are there that are entirely plant-based and contain no added flavour and colour. For example, try out andMe's herbal Biotin for women. All our products are 100% plant-based, natural, and contain no added flavour and colour. In addition, it has beneficial components like Omega 3, DHT blocker, hair vitamins, 7 herbal extracts, and Amino acids. This biotin hair supplement for women strengthens your hair from the roots, revives hair growth, increases follicle hair growth, and smoothens hair textures. 

Our biotin booster is also enriched with the goodness of pomegranate. In addition, the andMe biotin booster consists of ingredients like Amla, which is an excellent source of vitamin C, Brahmi extract that prevents the dryness of hair, Cysteine and Lysine that nourishes your hair; and Green tea that fights against the culprit of hair loss, DHT. 

Biotin Deficiency


Biotin is a B complex water-soluble vitamin. It is responsible for breaking down your regular diet's fat, carbs, and nutrients and converting them to produce energy. This energy is fuel to our body for functioning regularly. Also, Biotin maintains your LDL level and provides you with healthy hair and skin. In addition, Biotin is responsible for producing Keratin that gives strong nails and hair. Unfortunately, your body can't generate Biotin easily, though the bacteria in your gut health might produce Biotin. This bacteria is known as intestinal flora that has a very positive impact on your health. 

Biotin deficiency in humans is rare. Generally, Alopecia is one of the significant symptoms of Biotin deficiency. Also, the urinary Biotin will drop along with the plasma levels in vitamins. Genetic issues can also create hindrances in Biotin production or restoration in the body. Especially after the 30s, women face a noticeable drop in biotin levels. The cause of biotin deficiency is still not appropriately identified; for some, it might be a lifestyle issue; for some, it might be genetics, hard water, or too many chemical products.
The primary symptoms of Biotin deficiency are:

  • ‣ Red patches on the face
  • ‣ Dry or scaly skin
  • ‣ Dry eyes
  • ‣ Brittle hair
  • ‣ Hair fall on the scalp
  • ‣ Insomnia
  • ‣ Fatigue
  • ‣ Disturbed sleep cycle
  • ‣ Loss of appetite
  • ‣ Depression
  • ‣ Muscle pain
  • ‣ Burning sensation on hands and feet
  • ‣ Frequent stomach pain


The symptoms of Biotin deficiency can be confusing at first. First, your doctor might give primary medication, but if the symptoms don't disappear, then he/she might give you some tests for vitamin B7 levels. Then, if Vitamin B7 levels are low according to your age, he/she will suggest you some pills, supplements, or lifestyle. 


‣ Medications: Sometimes, certain medicines prevent the human body from absorbing proper Biotin from our regular food. These medicines include antibiotics and anti-seizure drugs. Certain antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in your gut health that generally produce Biotin. 

‣ IV feeding: In-vitro fertilization might be a convenient way to get the joy of a newborn. But after the delivery, the baby receives the nutrition from an IV or a tube. In that case, the infant might have lower Biotin levels. However, it is not a situation to worry because supplements are suggested until they are able to eat solid food. 

‣ Intestinal problems: Some chronic intestinal issues might prevent your body from absorbing the proper amount of Biotin. This condition is known as Crohn's disease or colitis. 

‣ Heredity disorder: Biotinidase deficiency is a very rare heredity disorder. It prevents your body from producing and reusing Biotin. Generally, the human body can re-use the Biotin at least for 7 times. However, people with this disorder can't recycle vitamin B7. This issue can appear even within a few months of birth. 

‣ Long term fasting: Try to balance your diet with proper nutrients that help your body function better. Long term fasting and keeping way too restrictions might lead you to several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

‣ Other genetic issues: Few genetic disorders might also result in Biotin deficiency in future, for example, biotin transport deficiency, Holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency, Phenylketonuria, etc. Phenylketonuria is one of the common conditions that is detected in infants. It is associated with severe neurological conditions. 


There are two main treatments for revamping your Biotin levels.

i) Food

ii) Supplements

Daily requirements of Biotin aren't easy to reach. For example, an adult should get at least 30mcg of Biotin everyday; a child should have 5mcg Biotin; for an expecting mother, it should be 35mcg per day. 

Biotin enriched food: 
  • ‣ Green peas
  • ‣ Legumes
  • ‣ Carrots
  • ‣ Cauliflower
  • ‣ Sunflower seed and butter
  • ‣ Mushrooms
  • ‣ Liver
  • ‣ Egg yolks/ white
  • ‣ Dairy products (including vegan products)
  • ‣ Soybeans
  • ‣ Whole grains like barley and corns

First, consult your doctor before taking any supplement. Try to take natural supplements without any kind of chemical side effects. Check the ingredients and see if you are allergic to anything specific. Check the proper daily dosage with the doctor. 

Biotin Dosage: How much biotin should you take?

‣ By Age Groups
The amount of Biotin intake depends on the dosage on the bottle and what’s recommended for you, basis your nutritional health. However, for oral intake, to prevent deficiency, what’s recommended is 10-20 mcg for children under 3 years of age. For children from 4-10 years of age it is recommended that they take 25-30 mcg per day. For adults & teenagers, it is recommended that they take 30-199 mcg a day. 

    Note: These are numbers and depend on the exact issue you are using the biotin intake in addition to your regular nutrition. In cases where there is a nutritional deficiency, then the biotin intake would depend on the exact issue you are using it for. 

    ‣ By Gender
    There isn’t much data-driven research to show any indication that either gender need a different level of Biotin, except for teenage pregnant mothers. This section will be covered below. 

    ‣ Breastfeeding
    There is no significant data indicating that breastfeeding women need a boost of biotin unless there is a pre-existing deficiency. Hair fall post-partum is natural and need not be interpreted as a Biotin deficiency. Consult with your doctor to understand your Biotin levels & adjust your intake accordingly. Should you need a boost, consider natural products like andMe’s Biotin Booster. 

    ‣ Pregnant
    Some studies have shown that since pregnant women break down Biotin at a more rapid rate, it could be possible that they face a Biotin deficiency. You can opt for a Biotin supplement at this stage, in consultation with your doctor. There are natural ways to boost your Biotin intake and you can consider these options as a part of your pregnancy prep plan.  

    Risks of taking biotin?

    • Side effects
      Biotin supplements are only a problem if you ingest too much of it. Side effects can include skin rashes, digestive issues and more. To ensure you’re taking in the right amount of Biotin, note the current ways you’re already getting Biotin through your diet. 
    • Risk factors
      Like most nutrients, consider taking a doctor’s consultation before ramping up or reducing your Biotin intake. While Biotin is naturally available in your diet through the things you eat, certain reasons might have created a Biotin deficiency in you. In these cases, before opting for a supplement to increase it, consult a doctor and discuss potential options with them to prevent over-consumption of Biotin. 

    When to see your doctor?

    If you’re noticing a drop in the quality of your skin and hair then speak to your Trichologist, Dermatologist or General Physician to understand if Biotin-deficiency could be a potential reason why. 

    Get your Biotin supplement vetted by your doctor before beginning intake & consult him if you notice any side-effects as mentioned above. 

    Here are some natural biotin supplements from andMe:

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    - Revives hair growth
    - Repairs hair texture
    - Reduces hair fall

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    Read more about Biotin on andMe Blog


    Q: How important is biotin for hair growth?
    A: Biotin is very good for hair. It stimulates keratin production in hair and helps in hair growth.

    Q: Are there any side effects for biotin supplement?
    A: No, it's a plant based powder with no added preservatives, no refined sugar. There will not be any side effects until you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

    Q: How much biotin should you take a day?
    A: It is suggested to take 2 to 5 mg of biotin in supplement form daily in order to strengthen hair and achieve results. [/article]
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