andMe is empowering women with Health

We at andMe understand that the Women’s body has different nutritional needs because of her unique hormonal cycles. We acknowledge that women are busy and have multiple roles to play, leaving them with little time for self. We were pained by the lack of solutions and even lesser lack of healthy solutions for women health and decided to take a stand. We are building a Women’s first, solution driven, research led company to serve HER unique needs across menstrual health, fitness, beauty and mental health. We are bringing convenient, goodness filled solutions, because the body has power to Heal. Because, She deserves.

Join the passionate &Me Team

We are a team of 35+, passionate to solve for Women’s health. Together we make an indomitable team!Ankur Goyal (Founder): His passion for innovation in food and beverage industry took him from Nestle to Paper boat to almost buying a food company in Brazil while he was at Stanford Graduate School of Business. &Me is a culmination of his vision, experience, and love. Sheta Mittal (Co-founder): Breathes health. A certified yoga instructor, marathon runner, ex NIKE and Harvard Business School graduate, at &Me Sheta brings her zeal for understanding the consumer to solve for women’s health.To join us, email at-