2,50,000+ Happy women

Taking care of yourself shouldn't be so difficult. In the last 2 years, 2.5L women across India, have taken control of their health with convenient, effective and natural &Me products.


Each Product developed after 100+ tests. Proven to Show results


Chemical free ingredients of Ayurveda & micronutrients.

Made by Experts

&Me products are a result of extensive research that help with the root of the problem. We closely work with gynaecologists & dieticians. For every product, we do 200+ lab trials and controlled studies with 100 consumers to test efficacy.

Our Story - India's 1st Women's health company

When we started 3 years ago, there was no women health company in India and women health was a taboo for big companies. We took the problem headon because we know women have unique needs. We have a range of 10 products that are women first, solution driven, chemical free. - Founded by Ankur Goyal (IIT Delhi and Stanford Business School Alumnus), Sheta Mittal (IIT Bombay and Harvard Business School alumnus)