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A unique blend of Ayurveda and Nutrition

At &Me, we have combined the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the benefits of modern nutritional science for Women. Body needs Vitamins and Minerals on a daily basis to keep it healthy and protect itself from diseases. Ayurveda complements nutritional science to re-establish balance & heal the mind, body & soul from within.

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Our Consumers

Our Experts

Dr Sandhya Singh

Masters in Food Science and Nutrition

Senior Clinical Dietitian, Apollo Hospitals

“The beverages of &Me are amazing with natural ingredients, natural flavours are intact, tastes fresh, and doesn't have any altered, preservative lingering taste, no added colors, low in calorie, it is fortified with micronutrients and ayurvedic ingredients to address the PMS issues.  Excellent combination of nutrition and age old remedy for PMS”

Our Experts

Dr Swarupa Kakani

M.Sc - Foods, Nutrition & Diet Therapy (~25 yrs workex.)

Ex. Chief Nutritionist, Sagar Hospitals

“Drinks taste quite natural since they are a mix of vegetables and fruits. Pleasant and attractive colour and bottle shape. Quality is nice.”

Our Experts

Dr Sushma Jaiswal

M.Sc - Dietetics & Nutrition (35 yrs workex.)

Founder, Swasthya Nutrition; WHO

“I was looking something for hormonal balance, for women's reproductive health. &Me products are excellent, especially the pcos drink. One should take at least twice a day to see the effect.”

Our Experts

Dr Ranjani Raman

M.Sc - Dietetics and Food Service Management

Founder, Nutrition Tattva

“I loved the Watermelon Beauty drink (Grace). The very fact that it had Aloe Vera was very comforting. Green Apple and Cranberry drinks were very refreshing too”

Our Experts

Dr Jyothi Rao

M.Sc - Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (25 yrs workex.)

Apoorva Diagnostic & Healthcare

“All the 4 flavours were absolutely delicious. I did feel more energetic after drinking around 100ml.  Didn’t feel the need to take a midmorning snack or an afternoon nap :) The RDA values as depicted on the bottle are accurate with respect to the micronutrient and macro content. In all, a drink definitely worth recommending to my female clients and patients”

Our Experts

Dt. Kamna Desai

Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Hospital Food Service

Founder - Wellness Quotient, Founder- Nutrition Quest

“PMS and its symptoms exists since archival times but was always a taboo to talk about until recently. On the other hand, today's sedentary lifestyle coupled with wrong eating habits and stressful environment has led to rise in PCOS. &Me is a simple  innovative answer to both; the age old problem of PMS and the new age dilemma of PCOS.”

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