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  • Chocolate is good for you!

    "To have a healthy mind and body, one needs a healthy diet." Rightly said. A healthy diet is not about cutting down on your cravings and eating bland food. It is about taking in the necessary vitamins and minerals as required by the body through good food. Not in excess, nor in less. Just right. ... View Post
  • Lets talk about periods- Not shy away!

    Perio…SSSHHH.. Periods! Oh no, that’s not how you speak about the topic of this blog! I got ‘it’, that time of the month, women’s problem begins the game of taboo, followed by dumb charades – gestures with your eyes, rectangular symbols, a sad expression and movement of the hands indicating ‘I’m ... View Post
  • Good Food Equals Good Mood

    Wife (on laptop) : Its 11:30pm, I still have things to complete for tomorrow. Husband (on laptop) : Yea, I'll take another hour as well to get this presentation done. Clock ticks.. ticks.. ticks.. 1:00am- Wife : I think we should get some sleep. Husband : I will still take another 30 mins, you go... View Post