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  • Colour your plate this Holi!

    Gifting your gut a Holi experience could make your body healthier and ever! All these years, we have celebrated Holi with colours that only decorate the surface of our bodies. But at &Me we have always believed in rectifying our body right from within. How about you let your gut experience a... View Post
  • Good Food Equals Good Mood

    Wife (on laptop) : Its 11:30pm, I still have things to complete for tomorrow. Husband (on laptop) : Yea, I'll take another hour as well to get this presentation done. Clock ticks.. ticks.. ticks.. 1:00am- Wife : I think we should get some sleep. Husband : I will still take another 30 mins, you go... View Post
  • Myths and facts about Vitamin D & Calcium combination

    We often get our nutritional advise from a range of blogs, journals and people. One observation that is certain from these tips is that, they are never similar. Hence, it is always good to conduct ample background research before setting our diet right. TV commercials  and Newspaper articles are ... View Post