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  • Sexual Health During Periods!

    To do, or not to do; is that your question, too? For most women, having sex during periods poses many questions. Period sex has been a long-debated topic as it not only involves the obvious fact of being messy, but also the doubts of unwanted pregnancy and contracting STDs (sexually transmitted ... View Post
  • Ashwagandha - The Magical Stress Reliever For All Things Period

    Nature is smart to have put medicine in our food. During PMS our body undergoes various physiological and mental stress that hampers our daily activities. There is, however, one superfood that not only reduces all these symptoms but also helps the body manage stress better, and that is Ashwagandh... View Post
  • What does PMS mean in different decades?

    No matter what age a woman is, every period cycle can bring surprises. The surprise aggravates when she experiences PMS. While most of us are familiar with PMS in the earlier decades, there’s a dearth of discussion around what could PMS mean when a woman is in her late 30s or 40s. And so we at &a... View Post