Brand Story


Maya is a fierce friend, a wife, an athlete, a boss & more. Juggling between her professional, personal & family roles, her health finds the last spot. She loves to eat healthy & stay fit, but there are only so many hours in a day.

We all know her, love her, ARE Her & would love to do more for her. In our effort to do so, we worked with nutritionists, gynecologists, yogis, artists, chefs & mothers; to blend in Modern Science with Ayurveda to create a delightful concoction of good health!

After days of trials and careful considerations, a fitter Maya walks with a sense of fulfillment and love for herself.

Crafted with love, carried with poise. 






Packaging Story 

Everything about &me has been conceptualized keeping women in focus. The same is the case with the "&Me flask".

Breaking stereotypes

The issues that &Me beverages are trying to solve are pretty much taboo. With strong imagery and stories, we intend to start a conversation amongst its drinkers and break stereotypes. Similar is the case with the bottle. We have broken apart from the stereotypical designs to create this asymmetrical flask which, to many resembles a whiskey flask. Hence the name.  

Convenience and utility 

All that active working women ask for is convenient solutions to their issues. The &Me flask is sleek, just about right to fit in the designer clutches and bags that women carry. The hole on the top corner is for better grip over the bottle and to spark that creative intuition amongst women.