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Our guest Experts give us feedback, write expert articles, conduct workshops, QnA discussions, and many more! Get to know them. 

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Ex Chief Nutritionist at Sagar Hospitals, Dr Swarupa took the initiative of establishing the Dietary and Food Service Department for Apollo Hospital in Nellore and has a rich experience of 25 years.

Dr Swarupa Kakani

Diploma in Dietetics, M.Sc - Foods, Nutrition & Diet Therapy

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Founder of Swasthya Nutrition, Dr Sushma has 35 years of work experience, across international organizations such as the UN, WHO. Her focus is on holistic nutrition with solutions for every health concern by dealing with deficiencies.

Dr Sushma Jaiswal

M.Sc - Dietetics & Nutrition

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With a work experience of 25 years, Dr Jyothi Rao is a clinical nutritionist specialized in treatments for allergies, female disorders, fertility issues etc.

Dr Jyothi Rao

Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), M.Sc - Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, M.Sc - Psychotherapy And Counselling

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Founder of Nutrition Tattva, Dr Ranjani Raman is the founder of Nutrition Tattva. Her expertise include Diabetes Management, PCOD, Thyroid issues, amongst many others.

Dr Ranjani Raman

M.Sc - Dietetics and Food Service Management, Post Graduate Certification in Pediatric Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator

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With ~17 years of strong work experience, Dr Sandhya is a senior clinical dietitian at the Apollo Hospitals. Her expertise include food allergies, weight loss diet, pregnancy diet, disease specific diet, and overall wellness.  

Dr Sandhya Singh

M.Sc and PhD in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

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With a rich and varied expertise of almost 20 years, Dt. Kamna Desai has worked meticulously in the field of nutrition and well-being. She is the founder of Nutrition Quest. Her proficiency includes diet plans along with the use of botanicals to help alleviate metabolic & systemic disorders. She specializes in women's health particularly hormonal imbalance like thyroid, PCOS, etc.

Dt. Kamna Desai

Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Hospital Food Service, Founder - Wellness Quotient, Founder - Nutrition Quest