&Me’s Story


To empower Women with health by solving for her unique nutritional needs.


We believe every woman is born strong & beautiful. However, with age, factors like pollution, sun, age, food & lifestyle take away a little from them. Our aim is to help these women by strengthening them from within to cruise through various stages of their lives gracefully.

It all started in Sep 2017...

Ankur (our founder) sees his mother suffer from osteoporosis and decides to do something. In his quest to find a solution for nutritional deficiency in women, he started Merhaki Foods in September 2017.

December 2017

Matrix Partners funds the company in December 2017.

Jan 2018

Ankur finds a dream team of food scientists, microbiologists, production experts, and marketeers.

July 2018

&Me launches two products in PMS and Beauty categories in Banaglore as pilot

August 2018

&Me launches its website, and starts the drinks selling online.

Winter 2018

With overwhelming consumer love, &Me increases presence across Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai and Pune.

Spring 2019

&Me receives a second round of funding, jointly from Matrix Partners and Sauce.vc for further growth

Summer 2019

Story continues...

&me –Women Health Drinks