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In today's scenario, PCOS is a normal condition experienced by one out of 5 women. And, it can cause serious health issues such as depression, weight gain, cancer and more. To manage PCOS, andMe has created an andMe PCOS + Protein Combo which helps in the proper functioning of your body. It also helps in managing hormonal balance, regularises period cycle, helps in weight management and reduces body hair and acne

Flavor and Size: Choco Almond/ Mango Cardamom + Mixed Berries, 500g + 250g

The combo pack includes:
(1) andMe PCOS Drink (Rs.999/ 250g)
(2) Plant Protein Powder (Rs.1499/ 500g) choose your flavour - Choco Almond OR Mango Cardamom.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Ingredients


Lodhra brings balance and strength to the menstrual system and it helps to regulate .

Pea Protein

Promotes muscle thickness.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is particularly important in optimizing hormonal balance in PCOS.


Improve body energy stores and tissue antioxidant capacity and to reduce the tissue build-up of lactic acid.

It's Time to Go on a Protein-Rich Diet

Want to say goodbye to PCOS forever? Start consuming andMe PCOS + ProteinCombo today. This protein powder is made of 50+natural ingredients which include 20 grams of Plant protein (thatdoesn't cause any bloating), 16 Ayurvedic herbs, 14 Vitamins, 7Minerals, 11 Antioxidants, in 30% of the daily quantity for the complete development of your health.


PCOS diet helps to manage PCOS only if we take the right sources of foods in proper proportion. Also, the diet should have lower intake of carbohydrates and foods that have low in saturated fat in order to avoid the adverse effect of PCOS. Hence our diet should include protein rich foods that help to facilitate digestion & metabolism and plays an important role in hormonal functions that often are impaired in women with PCOS. 
andMe PCOS and andMe Choco Protein are herbal drinks with Vitamins and Minerals. We add no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavor or color in the drink. We have enhanced the taste with natural and healthy fruits.
Our drinks are a combination of Ayurvedic herbs, vitamins, and minerals, fruits, and vegetables, which are natural and hence shouldn't have any side effects. Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are on any other medication, please consult your doctor.
PCOS dink: Add 1 scoop to 250ml of water. Mix well and enjoy. For best results, consume drink 45 mins after breakfast. Protein drink: Add 1-2 scoops to 250ml of water or milk. Mix well and enjoy. For best results, consume drink post workout or evenings.

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About andMe PCOS + Protein Combo

More than 20% of women in India suffer from PCOS and obesity. In today's fast world, one thing people are neglecting a lot is their health. Especially in PCOS, women tend to gain unnecessary weight for hormonal changes. To put an end to this issue, andMe is here with PCOS and Protein combo. Our PCOS drink consists of ingredients like Lodhra, which balances hormones, Vitamin C and Ashwagandha builds a stronger immunity, and Garcinia, which boosts metabolism. Our plant-based protein drink comprises 11 BCAA Amino acids, 16 Ayurvedic herbs, 21 vitamins and minerals. Also, this protein drink helps you lose weight, boost energy and stamina, and provides 30% of your daily nutrition.