andMe PCOS Tea + ThyroDiet Tea Combo

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Most effective combo pack to manage PCOS and Hypothyroidism naturally. This combo will help in hormonal balance and thus help in managing PCOS and hypothyroidism. To help manage thyroid and PCOS with more ease, have a cup of andMe ThyroDiet and after 6-8 hours, have a cup of andMe PCOS Tea every day to see results.
andMe PCOS Tea + ThyroDiet Tea Combo

andMe PCOS Tea + ThyroDiet Tea Combo

Rs. 979

andMe PCOS Tea + ThyroDiet Tea Combo

Rs. 979
Flavor: PCOS Tea (Kashmiri Kahwa) + ThyroDiet Tea(Chamomile, Ginger)
Pack: 30 Tea Bags + 30 Tea Bags

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Starts working right away

My energy levels have been up a lot since taking the this supplements. Also, my mood and skin have improved so much! I m looking forward to seeing the changes as I continue to take it.

ram singh
Awesome Product!

This is awesome! It s gives me a lot of energy and actually helps curb my appetite. I would highly recommend it

Great energy supplements and very safe and natural.

I have been taking this for a month and I was able to see some difference with my energy after a couple days of taking them. I didn t get tired right away and it helped me have a goodnight sleep too. But after a few weeks of taking them, I started getting breakouts and I think because I m in birth control teas too. It definitely does what it promises to do but for me I just had some side effect on my face. So I decided to stop taking them and gave it to my husband. He likes it and it does seem like helping him with his energy and sleeping. I d recommend this to anybody.

diksha soni

I struggle with day to day activities due to fibromyalgia. Things such as chronic fatigue, emotions all over the place, focus and of course energy. That's why when I saw this it seemed to be the perfect thing to try for 1 it's all natural and 2 it should combat all the things I am dealing with. Seriously I have had fibromyalgia for almost 20 years what do I have to lose. So i got it obviously and i am so glad i did let me tell you why.
1. I am not tired all day now. I have a desk job and pain so some days it is hard to focus.
2. I dont cry and get bent out of shape at a drop of a dime anymore.
3. I find that I do not have brain fog and my focus is the best it has been in years.
So if my statement is not clear enough heck ya I would reccomend this product to anyone. Seriously what does any one have to lose to try a natural product with a money back guarantee. Plus if your a giving soul like myself it is awesome that someone else gets vitamins too. So to me this is a win win situation.

megha bhasin
this Great Experience

I have been using the product for sometime now this is my second order. There is a notable difference in energy levels and it helps me get going in the morning.

Key Ingredients


Lodhra brings balance and strength to the menstrual system and it helps to regulate.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is particularly important in optimizing hormonal balance in PCOS. B-vitamins help to lower inflammation by breaking down an amino acid, called homocysteine, which is commonly elevated in women with PCOS


Increases thyroid function by increasing T3 & T4


Increases thyroid function by increasing T3 & T4


Brings calmness and reduces anxiety

Vitamin C

VitaminC is an iodine transporter and protects against free radical damage caused by stress


Helps in the thyroid hormone synthesis & metabolism (thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) synthesis)

Manage PCOS and Thyroid with Clinically proven ingredients

andMe PCOS Tea is a unique blend of 24 ingredients including powerful herbs like Shatavari, Ashoka, Ashwagandha, Lodhra, Garcinia Cambogia and micronutrients to manage PCOS naturally. andMe ThyroDiet Tea is made of 25 natural ingredients like Guggulu and Kachnar, Ayurvedic herbs, that help to increase absorption of Iodine in the body, for the production of T3 and T4. It also has 15 other ingredients that help manage symptoms of thyroid while improving metabolism, helping in weight loss and increase in energy. Natural. No side effects.

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