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andMe Diet and Health Plan For Weight Loss, Immunity Boost and Period Balance

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Get better Health results with an Women nutrition health expert. 

Key Benefits

Why choose andMe Women nutrition Expert plans?

Good health is a combination of what you eat, and what you do throughout the day.
Managing 12 essential Vitamins, 13 essential Minerals, Protein, Carbs, work, family everyday is not easy.
But deficiencies can have implications of our overall health.
We at &Me recognized those needs, and the challenges of CoVID lockdown. Hence we have launched healthy diet and plan plan with our nutritionists
We promise you will have all the ingredients that you would need and it will be easy to follow
3 best diet plans to choose from: Immunity boost, Period balance, Weight loss.

We will be with you in your journey

We will be with you in your health journey. Starting with you getting a detailed how-to-use guide to free calls from our consultant to 24*7 live support. We are there when you need us. You won't be alone.

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Immunity Boost

Build the strength from within to fight bacteria and viruses. Improve the power and number of immune cells in the body.

Hormonal Balance

Give the hormones the nourishment they need through the monthly cycle to regulate periods, and reduce period discomfort!

Weight Management

Lose weight the right way, not with unsustainable crash diets, but nutritious foods that burn fat, reduce cravings and gives you energy.