andMe Lactation Booster Drink with Shatavari, Fenugreek: Natural Breast Milk Enhancer

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Modern formulas are not better than breast milk. Hence it's better to increase the lactation to feed your baby. andMe Lactation Booster is made with Ayurvedic herbs and micronutrients to boost lactation, breast milk, helps with infant growth, post-partum weight, anxiety and stress. No added preservatives. No Harmful Chemicals.\n Flavour: Caramel
andMe Lactation Booster Drink with Shatavari, Fenugreek: Natural Breast Milk Enhancer

andMe Lactation Booster Drink with Shatavari, Fenugreek: Natural Breast Milk Enhancer

Rs. 369

andMe Lactation Booster Drink with Shatavari, Fenugreek: Natural Breast Milk Enhancer

Rs. 369
Pack: 250g

Key Ingredients

Vitamin D

Vitamin D keep your hormone levels in check and may help enhance weight loss and decrease body fat


rich in antioxidant acts as pH normalizer


Trikatu enhances immunity and has permeability barrier action


anti microbial anti inflammatory anti septic effective diuretic and lithontriptic herbal agent

Fenugreek Seeds

The major chemical compounds in fenugreek are diosgenin, apigenin, and luteolin. These compounds stimulate the anterior pituitary to enhance human milk production.


Shatavari increase longevity impart immunity improves mental function

Why Breastfeeding is a must?

Breastfeeding helps both baby and mom. It helps to enhance a baby’s brain development, builds antibodies to fight infection, improves the sleep and gut health of a baby. Helps to burn up to 500 calories, Reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer, Accelerates postpartum recovery.


Add 1 spoon of powder to a 120ml milk or water mix it well and enjoy the drink. 
The first benefit that you will notice is an increase in lactation and breast milk, having it daily for 3-6 months will help you reduce postpartum weight, stress and anxiety.
Formula milk will be lack antibodies. Also, it's not possible to manufacture the antibodies which are present in breast milk. Hence it's better to breastfeed than formula milk. Mother's milk is the primary source of nutrition for newborns, containing fat, protein, carbohydrates and variable minerals and vitamins. 
Malt extract powder, Jaggery powder, Pea protein powder, Vitamins and Minerals, Ayurvedic herb extracts (Fenugreek, Shatavari, Fennel seed, Moringa, Ginger, Anise seed, Black Cumin seed, Turmeric), Choline (63.75mg), DHA, Stevia for sweetness.
Add 1 scoops to 250ml of water or milk.Mix well and enjoy.For best results, consume drink after dinner before bedtime 

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Worth trying, best lactation booster. that I have used so far.

Good product .protien with ayurvedic herbs.

Suresh Babu A
Good buy

The best thing which I personally like is that no added sugar. Thank u andMe .

Fifitha K.

I like this product as morning taking as breakfast after my workout , it's work, and I feel different little bit as good , and let's see after a month it will work I think

Sania A.
Tastes pretty good.

The product is awesome in taste n it benefits a lot in a women's health

Suman saha
Awsme product...good use of my money

andme lactation booster. and herbs is the best Pe lactation booster. that I ever use..I tried some lactation booster. powders that are available is the market but I was not satisfied with the result but when I start to consume andme I saw drastic change in my body. I purchased andme 4th time and I recommend this lactation booster. to everyone who wants to lose weight and gain stamina.

Customer Reviews

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About andMe Lactation Booster Drink:

Breast milk is the ideal source of nutrition for an infant. Breast milk is the perfect mixture of protein, fat, and vitamin- in short, it has all the nutrients that a baby needs to grow. Breast milk also consists of antibodies that boost a baby's immunity and protect him/her from any virus or bacterial infection. As a result, babies who have breastmilk for at least 6 months are at lower risk of ear infections, respiratory diseases, diarrhoea. In addition, breast milk decreases the number of trips to the doctor. It is beneficial for mothers because breastfeeding helps increase the secretion of the dopamine hormone or happy hormone, which decreases postpartum anxiety and stress.

Unfortunately, sometimes, some women face issues with breast milk production. It depends on many variables like body type, hormonal issues, genetics and more. andMe is here with a herbal breast milk increasing powder called the Lactation Booster, which increases breast milk production to double. This breast milk booster consists of Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Trikatu, and Fenugreek seeds that enhance milk production and improve mental health. Our products are 100% vegan and have no added preservatives.