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Acne and pimple are common skin breakouts during and after pregnancy. It is an entirely normal thing but definitely not a matter to ignore. The reason behind it can be postpartum anxiety or irregular periods. Now, andMe has got a two-in-one solution for you. Bring home our herbal lactation booster and beauty drink combo. Our Ayurvedic lactation booster instigates your breast milk production, and our beauty drink detoxifies your blood and cleanses your skin from inside. All our products are vegan and chemical-free; they leave no adverse effects on you or your baby's health.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Ingredients


An anti-inflammatory food that cleanses the acne pores and makes the skin smoother.


It kills the acne bacteria like P.Acne and reduces redness.


Trikatu enhances immunity and has permeability barrier action.

Aloe Vera

Removes dead cells and moisturizes the skin.


The primary chemical compounds in fenugreek are diosgenin, apigenin, and luteolin. These compounds stimulate the anterior pituitary to enhance human milk production.


Increases prolactin hormone. Acts as a postpartum tonic by increasing lactation and normalizing the uterus and the changing hormones.

Can pregnancy acne be cured?

The simple answer is yes. Postpartum anxiety is one of the main reasons for skin breakouts, especially post-delivery. Nowadays, most women have trouble with breast milk production. Formula milk consists of chemicals and can harm your baby's immunity. That is why andMe brings a herbal lactation booster with the goodness of Shatavari and Trikatu that also calms you down. On the other hand, andMe plant-based beauty drink includes Ayurvedic ingredients that reduce acne and pimples, detox blood, and the anti-inflammatory ingredients work like anti-oxidants.


Add 1 spoon of powder to a 120ml milk or water mix it well and enjoy the drink. 
The first benefit that you will notice is an increase in lactation and breast milk, having it daily for 3-6 months will help you reduce postpartum weight, stress and anxiety.
Formula milk will be lack antibodies. Also, it's not possible to manufacture the antibodies which are present in breast milk. Hence it's better to breastfeed than formula milk. Mother's milk is the primary source of nutrition for newborns, containing fat, protein, carbohydrates and variable minerals and vitamins. 
Malt extract powder, Jaggery powder, Pea protein powder, Vitamins and Minerals, Ayurvedic herb extracts (Fenugreek, Shatavari, Fennel seed, Moringa, Ginger, Anise seed, Black Cumin seed, Turmeric), Choline (63.75mg), DHA, Stevia for sweetness. 

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About andMe Lactation Booster Drink:

Breast milk is the ideal source of nutrition for an infant. Breast milk is the perfect mixture of protein, fat, and vitamin- in short, it has all the nutrients that a baby needs to grow. Unfortunately, sometimes, some women face issues with breast milk production. andMe is here with a herbal breast milk increasing powder called the Lactation Booster, which increases breast milk production to double. This breast milk booster consists of Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Trikatu, and Fenugreek seeds that enhance milk production and improve mental health.
We know how tough it is to follow a detailed skincare routine in your hectic schedule. So, we created a solution that is quick and hassle-free. Unleash a youthful glow with our herbal beauty drink. It consists of ayurvedic elements like neem, aloe vera, manjistha that kill the P.Acne bacteria and detoxify the blood. This drink for pimples is a nutritional blend of vitamins and minerals that help unleash a youthful glow from inside.