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Keep your intimate areas clean and fresh with our easy and convenient andMe feminine wipes. Formulated with unique ingredients, these easy to use, no-rinse wipes will leave you feeling clean and fresh. Other than keeping you feeling fresh every day, these wipes also protect you from urinary tract infections (UTI). Use these wipes for quick cleanup during your menstrual cycle, for vaginal discharge, after peeing or workout and while travelling.
andMe Intimate Wipes

andMe Intimate Wipes

Rs. 349

andMe Intimate Wipes

Rs. 349
Pack of: 2

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil

Effective to combat vaginal infection due to its anti-fungal properties


Moisturizes and nourishes your skin

Lotus Seed Extract

Helps to prevent vaginal infection and diseases like Bacterial Vaginosis

Aloe vera extract

Moisturizes and reduces inflammation




If you are looking for a quick and easy way of keeping your intimate area clean and fresh, then these wipes from andMe are just what you need. Wipe your intimate area with it to refresh, soothe and protect against UTI. They wipes are suitable for daily use but should not be used in place of regular bathing or showering. For external use only.

- Keeps your intimate area fresh
- Prevents UTI
- Reduces itchiness and dryness
- Prevents vaginal infection
- Maintains vaginal health

The andMe Intimate Wipes has been uniquely formulated with ingredients that leave your intimate area feeling clean and fresh, even during your period, to keep you feeling good every day. The feminine cleansing wipes are safe to use and have a balanced pH to help protect against UTI. These gentle cleansing wipes contain tea tree extract, vitamin E, lactic acid, and more.

- Tea Tree extract
- It is an anti-fungal ingredient that prevents vaginal infection
- Vitamin E
- It is an anti-oxidant that increases lubrication and reduces vaginal dryness.
- Lactic acid


One of the main reasons people use intimate wipes is to maintain cleanliness and safety. However, intimate wipes are helpful when you're on the go. They are compact and handy, which is extremely helpful if you travel or require post-partum care. In addition, you can keep them in your purse so you can use them after peeing.
Pull out one wipe or more and gently wipe your intimate area. Discard the wipe after one use. Do not re-use or flush.
Yes, you can use the andMe wipes during your menstrual cycle.
No, the andMe wipes are gentle and enriched with the goodness of Tea Tree extract, Vitamin E, and Lactic Acid.
The andMe wipes are entirely free of artificial fragrances and other harmful chemicals.

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Mesmerizing scent, great wipes

Essential for hygeine while travelling.


Good product but can add more number of wipes

Debojyoti Munshi
Must have while traveling

Soft, smooth. Loved it. But Costly.

Pamela Sarkar
Intimate Wet Wipes

Good product

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More About andMe Intimate Wipes:

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, but you need help to stay healthy. Primarily to take care of your intimate hygiene, try to stay hydrated, eat anti-inflammatory food, and change your underwear at least twice a day. Try to wash your vagina and change pads 3-4 times a day during periods. andMe Intimate Wipes cleanses your intimate area with natural ingredients to leave you feeling fresh and clean, both during your period and between periods.

These vaginal wipes help prevent vaginal infection by cleaning the area with natural ingredients. The cleansing wipes are safe to use and have a balanced pH to help protect against UTI. It contains tea tree extract, vitamin E, lactic acid, etc. These intimate wet wipes have uniquely formulated ingredients that leave your intimate area feeling clean and fresh, both during your period and between periods, to keep you feeling good every day.