Rhythm Ingredients

Women pass through various life stages that men don't even experience. These phases take a toll on their body both physically and mentally. Just the way they take care of others, it is required for something to take care of them in these phases, particularly the menstrual cycle. 

&Me Rhythm has been designed keeping the female body cycle in our focus. We made the drink to match the exact taste preferences of women during their periods to cure the most certain premenstrual symptoms. 

Keeping our products transparent is one of our founding principles. Check why we've used every single ingredient that appears on the pack below. 


Natures Blends


&Me green apple

Green Apple

Helps in recovery from heavy periods. 

&Me cucumber


Hydrates the body and relieves pain. 

&Me mint


Aids digestion, treats nausea & headaches. 

&Me orange


Prevents infections and boosts immunity. 

&Me carrot


Helps regulate blood flow during periods and relieves pain. 

&Me papaya


Normalizes the period cycle and eases blood flow. 

&Me apple


Keeps you full and makes the drink sweet. 

&Me lemon


Adds a refreshing tinge to the drink and preserves it naturally. 



Ayurvedic Herbs


&Me ashwagandha


Prevents anxiety and gives an energy boost.

&Me shatavari


Reduces mood swings and maintains reproductive system.

&Me ashoka


Increases estrogen levels. Quicker healing of tissues.

&Me ginger


Aids digestion and relieves pain from cramps. 

&Me pepper


Reduces bloating by improving digestion. 

&Me cardomom


Boosts metabolism and appetite.



Vitamins & Minerals


&Me vitamin b1

Enables body to use carbohydrates for energy. 

&Me iron

Makes up for Iron lost with bleeding in periods. 

&Me vitamin D

Balances hormones and reduces risk of osteoporosis.

&Me Folic Acid

Elevates mood and helps produce more red blood cells. 

 Improves absorption of Iron. Maintains nail health.

&Me vitamin b6

Creates new hemoglobin and prevents hormonal imbalance.

&Me vitamin c

Decreases risk of UTI and improves iron absorption.

&Me calcium

Strengthens bones. Supports skeletal structure.

&Me chromium

Prevents sugar cravings and elevates mood. 

&Me vitamin b2

Promotes development and growth of reproductive organs.

&Me vitamin b3

Boosts brain function and increases energy levels. 

&Me magnesium

Regulates oxygen levels in the blood and reduces sugar cravings.