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For bloating & cramps
during your period days

Unique blend of Ayurvedic Herbs,
Vitamins & Minerals

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"Period pain is NOT OK. &Me has a Solution."

90%+ women experience bloating, cramps, body ache, headaches, moodiness, fatigue during periods.
It is caused by hormonal changes in the body.

&Me PMS provides relief from painful premenstrual symptoms such as cramps, bloating and fatigue. The drink offers the right nutrition to women to help them maintain hormonal balance and improve their body's ability to deal with the changes that occur both before and during the monthly period cycle.

It is an innovative mix of 5 Ayurvedic herbs, including Shatavari, Ashoka and Ashwagandha, and 9 Vitamins, 5 Minerals including micronutrients like Calcium and Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6

Approved by: FSSAI, NCBI, WHO

2200+ Happy Consumers

Meena Jain,

And Me PMS Drink is a delicious beverage. I just love it. It is a completely natural drink and provides great relief from period pain.

Shubhi Mohanan,

The drink is just too good! I never knew that a drink could help me deal with PMS symptoms naturally. Moreover, PMS drinks are not too expensive and I can easily buy them.

Jaspreet Kaur,

I used to experience pain and cramps during pre-menstruation. Thanks to And Me Drinks, I now feel better during periods.

&Me PMS Green Apple
- Pack of 6

Period Cramps, Bloating & Energy

&Me PMS Green Apple - 
Pack of 6

For Cramps, Bloating, Energy


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 Delivers in 5-7 Days 

Our Ingredients & their amazing benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the &Me Health beverages recommended by experts?

&Me Drinks are an outcome of 9 months of rigorous R&D, one that involves gynaecologist / dietitian / nutritionist consultation. The ingredients and the product recipes are also backed by guest research experts.

2. Can I consume the drink even when I have a medical condition?

We have ensured that &Me Drink doesn’t cause harm to people with (regular) medical condition. However, if you are pregnant/lactating, are suffering from Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, Thalassemiathen, then we highly recommend you to consult your doctor before you start consuming &ME PMS Drink.

3. Is &Me PMS a vegetarian beverage?

Yes, &Me PMS is a completely vegetarian drink. Even the Vitamin B12 is from a vegetarian source.

4. How do I make the most of my &Me PMS relief drink?

We advise you to lead a balanced lifestyle, one that includes a nutritious diet and daily workout routine to make the most of &Me drink.

5. How to consume?

Start when you notice the first signs of PMS, 2-5 days before periods and end at the end of the cycle. Drink daily, one bottle a day, up-to 3 bottles in case of severe PMS

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