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For bloating & cramps
during your period days

Unique blend of Ayurvedic Herbs,
Vitamins & Minerals

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"A reason to look forward to periods."

&Me Period Chocolates have 70% rich cocoa combined with the goodness of herbs, vitamins & minerals to help improve mood, give you the much-needed energy & reduce PMS cravings.

Approved by: FSSAI, NCBI, WHO 

1250+ Satisfied Women

Sunaina Garg

Thank you &Me for launching this amazing chocolates. It’s just perfect for my period craving and even stops me from binge eating. It also kept my energy levels in check. Love it!

Amisha Sharma

I experienced better moods on day 1 & 2 of my periods. Usually I am very irritated & upset on the 1st two days. In fact, I saw myself having more than the 2 prescribed bites every day.

Sharmishta Chaudhary

I tried a pack of &Me chocolates this month and felt so much better throughout the period. I strongly recommend!

&Me Period Dark Chocolates - Cranberry

Cravings, Moodswings & Energy

&Me Period Dark Chocolates
Cranberry Flavor

Helps with Period cravings, Mood swings &Fatigue

Rs. 210 per box

 Delivers in 5-10 Working Days. 

21 Well Researched Ingredients From
Ayurveda & Nutrition Science 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are &Me Period Chocolates?

&Me Period Chocolates are No Sugar, 70% Dark Chocolates, fortified with Ayurvedic Herbs and Essential Micronutrients, especially designed for Period days comfort for women.

How do they work to reduce cravings, elevate mood and energy?

Periods bring in an urge for sweets, chips & hot water bags, along with mood swings & fatigue due to hormonal changes in the body, low serotonin & reduced blood sugar levels.

&Me Period Chocolates have 70% rich cocoa combined with the goodness of 5 Ayurveda herbs, 14 vitamins & minerals known for period comfort. (1) Magnesium and Copper satisfies cravings; Stevia leaf instead of sugar helps keep blood sugar levels in check (2) Ashwagandha brings calmness (3) Cocoa elevates endorphins and serotonin levels (happy hormones)

Is &Me Period chocolate better than other dark chocolates in the market?

Yes. Usual dark chocolates available in the market have “sugar” or “milk” as their first / significant ingredients, leading to blood sugar rushes and increased cravings. &Me Period chocolates have NO sugar AND have Ayurvedic herbs and essential vitamins and minerals that are especially known to help with period day comfort

How does the chocolate taste?

“A must try for dark chocolate lovers”, “Cant believe its sugar free!”, “Tastes good and quite interesting flavors”, “Great Taste” – Our consumers say

Can I have them if I am not on my periods?

Ofcourse! They are especially designed to bring balance during period days, but you can have them at any other day when you have an urge J

Can Men have &Me Period chocolates?

Yes. The ingredients in the chocolates, cocoa herbs and micronutrients, are good for men as well, just that the precise proportions are designed for women daily needs. Men can also have it without any side effects.

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