Grace Ingredients

Almost every woman cares about what she looks like. The modern markets are full of cosmetics & products that promote imparting beauty from the surface. What they forget is that beauty is not something which is just a few millimeters deep but also lies right within the female body. In order to look amazing on the outside, it is best to set things right straight from within. 

&Me Grace has been designed keeping women and their beauty requirements in our focus. With apt ingredient research, we have put together a set of ingredients that will purify & nourish your blood and gift you beauty from within.

Keeping our products transparent is one of our founding principles. Check why we've used every single ingredient that appears on the pack below. 


Natures Blends


&Me watermelon


Hydrates skin and reduces inflammation.

&Me beetroot

Red Beet

Delays aging and helps produce new cells.

&Me litchi


Promotes new hair growth and strengthens immune system.

&Me rose


Has anti-Inflammatory action.

&Me mango


Aids self repair of skin and helps in weight loss.

&Me aloevera

Aloe Vera

Quicker wound healing and detoxifies blood.

&Me coconut

Tender Coconut

Tames frizzy hair and reduces hair fall.

&Me chilli


Loaded with Vitamins and good stuff for skin. 

&Me apple


Adds fiber and sweetens the drink.

&Me lemon


Adds a zing and preserves the drink.



Ayurvedic Herbs


&Me manjistha


Treats hyper-pigmentation and boosts energy.

&Me grapeseed

Grapeseed Extract

Helps in tightening the skin and prevents sun damage.

&Me tumeric


Reduces acne breakouts and prevents scarring.

&Me neem


Clears acne and makes sure the skin doesn't dry. 


&Me sariva


Purifies blood and protects from skin infections.

&Me aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Antiseptic and protects from radiation damage.



Vitamins & Minerals


&Me vitamin a

Good for healthy vision, skin and other tissues in the body.

&Me iron

Makes up for Iron lost with bleeding in periods. 

&Me vitamin D

Balances hormones and reduces risk of osteoporosis.

&Me Folic Acid

Elevates mood and helps produce more red blood cells. 

 Improves absorption of Iron. Maintains nail health.

&Me vitamin b6

Creates new hemoglobin and prevents hormonal imbalance.

&Me vitamin c

Decreases risk of UTI and improves iron absorption.

&Me calcium

Strengthens bones. Supports skeletal structure.

&Me chromium

Prevents sugar cravings and elevates mood. 

&Me zinc

Clears Acne and boosts immune function of skin.

&Me selenium

Powerful antioxidant fights chronic diseases and regulates immunity.

&Me magnesium

Regulates oxygen levels in the blood and reduces sugar cravings.

&Me copper

Stimulates hair follicles for thicker and voluminous hair.

&Me vitamin e

Antioxidant makes skin look youthful and regulates immunity.

&Me biotin

Maintains hair health and promotes nail strength.