1. Where is &ME made?

  • &ME is made in our state of the art factory in Pune. You’re welcome to visit anytime!

2. Does making this drink involve a lot of test tubes and other creepy looking lab equipment?

  • &ME is a simple mix of fruits, vegetables & ayurvedic herbs with spices or flowers. We’ve just got a few weighing scales here to be able to make you the best tasting drinks.

3. Where can I buy it?

  • &ME is available for shipping all over India through our website. You can also find your favourite &ME beverage in multiple stores across Bengaluru.

4. Is there any difference between the in-store and the online drinks?

  • Both the online and offline drinks are the same. You can just avail better offers and subscriptions online.



5. What’s the best way to have the drink?
  • There should not be any condition when it comes to doing something nice for your health. But &ME tastes the best when chilled and spun around.
    6. Can I just consume this drink randomly (at any point of the day)?
    • Just like there is no time for snacking, &ME can be enjoyed at anytime in the day.
      7. Can I consume the drink even when I have a medical condition?
      • We have made sure that the drink doesn’t cause harm to people with (regular) medical condition. However, for pregnant and lactating women, we recommend you see your doctor before indulging in &ME.



        8. What made us choose this shape for the bottle?
        • We believe in breaking stereotypes with everything we make. Right from the unique blends of fruits and vegetables to the design of the bottle, we want to start conversations amongst our consumers. 
          9. The design of the bottle is carefully chosen to make it fit into your lifestyle.
          • Read more about the bottle HERE.
            10. Why is the bottle not clear unlike other brands?
            • The bottle is made of Polypropylene, which in its purest form is cloudy. Polypropylene is the same material that is used to make infant feeding bottles.
              11. What does BPA free packaging mean?
              • BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. It is proven to be harmful for consumption. Our bottles are made from a process that avoids BPAs, hence making them safe in every form.
                12. Can I reuse the bottle?
                • The bottles are completely recyclable. Share your recycled-bottle-innovation (RBI) with us to be used on Instagram. We will have excited goodies for the unique ones.



                            13. Was mixing Modern Science and Ayurveda difficult for you?
                            • It took us precisely 7 months to crack the right combination of ayurvedic herbs and modern minerals and make the best tasting drink. So yeah, it wasn't an easy job. Read more about each drink ingredient here.
                              14. What makes your ingredients better than the rest of the bottles on the shelf?
                              • &ME is not a juice. &ME is a bioactive lifestyle beverage. It's the first drink in India that mixes ayurvedic herbs with modern micronutrients to make a tasty ready to drink beverage. So it's fruits+veg+ayurvedic herbs+minerals and a lot of thought.




                                15. Is this beverage enough to replace my meal?
                                • No, we recommend you to have your regular meals and have &ME to make up for all the nutrients that lack in your meal. Don't let &ME replace your meals. 
                                  16. Are the nutrients in &ME, the only nutrients that are required for my body?
                                  • &ME has trace minerals, vitamins and fibre only. Your body needs a healthy amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat to function well. 
                                    17. Is &ME vegetarian despite having Vitamin B12 in it?
                                    • Every ingredient we use to make &ME is vegetarian. Even the Vitamin B12 is from a vegetarian source. 



                                      18. How much of &ME do I need to consume at once? 

                                      • Each bottle of &ME is a single serving. It is a drink to be had all at once over a short period preferably. They need to be consumed within 4 hours of opening the bottle. Also, refrigeration is essential after opening as there no preservatives added. For best results, We recommend 2 bottles of Rhythm (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) at the onset of premenstrual symptoms and continue till the end of the cycle. With grace, 1 bottle a day for 21 days will show you visible effects.

                                      19. Why does the bottle of the same drink not look the same sometimes?

                                      • Nature never makes two things the same way. All our ingredients are natural and hence it is really difficult to make the final product look the same always. We try our best, but difference in two bottles is just a sign of the drink being natural. 
                                        20. Why does my drink have a bitter aftertaste?
                                        • Ayurvedic herbs don't taste pleasant at all. We tried our best and are still trying our best to mask their taste with the goodness of fruits, but bear with us until we get there!
                                          21. How many drinks can I consume in a day?
                                          • Both Grace and Rhythm can be had twice a day. 
                                            22. Can I still consume the drink if there are some particles settled down in the bottom?
                                            • The particles that will settle in the bottom over time are the ayurvedic herbs and fruit pulp. So just spin the bottle, drink and chill. 
                                              23. Is there any other drink in the market that I can have instead of &ME?
                                              • We're confident, nothing else like &ME exists in the market. But to get the same effect as &ME, you'll need a few bottles of modern supplements, a few bottles of ayurvedic syrups and a lot of spare time. So why not just indulge in a tasty drink to save your time and energy?



                                                          24. What should I do after drinking the drink?
                                                          • Tell your friends about it and share your happy photos with us.
                                                            25. How do I make the most of my drink?
                                                            • By having a balanced lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and a fitness regime. 
                                                              26. I want to know more about the science behind the drink, can I get in touch with your experts?
                                                              • We'd love to connect you to our experts so you can talk good, bad and everything else about our drink to them. Just shoot us an email - info@merhakifoods.com


                                                                      Drink again

                                                                      27. I’d love to get these drinks at home, how do I go about it?
                                                                      • The best way to buy our drinks is to subscribe to them on our website.
                                                                        28. What are the places I can find &ME beverages at?
                                                                        • We are available in multiple stores across Bengaluru and ship all over India through our website.
                                                                          29. I want this drink to be available at my office, can you collaborate with our office?
                                                                          • Yes sure, write us a mail with the relevant contact from your work place so we can get talking women's health with them!


                                                                                  Recycle/ Sustainability

                                                                                  30. I’m a sustainable citizen, I don’t want to indulge in more waste generation with these bottles, what do I do?
                                                                                  • We care for the environment too. We're trying to make sustainable solutions to these drinks. Meanwhile, you could send across your empty bottles and we could refill them for you at the same cost.
                                                                                    31. What else can I do with the bottle?
                                                                                    • Consider the bottle to be a piece of canvas or a lego piece or anything else you find artistic. Make your engineering marvel and share it with us so we can show it off on our social media!