&Me ayurveda modern science

Story of combination:

Two are better than one. Our ideology when it comes to developing the drinks has been exactly this. While we know that modern medicine is the need of the hour, we also know that Ayurveda or ancient Indian medicine still holds relevance in this technologically forward world.
There are a few flaws in what modern science prescribes, while Ayurveda is known to give slower results. But when used in synergy, quicker and better results can be obtained from the best of both. 
We forged the books of Ayurveda and scouted for the best modern medicine solutions to carefully create this blend that tastes phenomenally good and delivers even better goodness to your body.
The Ayurvedic herbs we use, are a gift of nature & can have absolutely no side effects. Apart from having benefits of their own, they help increase the bioavailability & absorption of the minerals from your food &Me. 
For us, beauty & happiness are things that reflect from the inside and nothing from the exterior can change it. &Me changes things right from the core, because beauty is not just skin deep &the idea of happiness is complex too.
Why women?
Research says 51% of Indian women aged 15-49 are anaemic and 70% have chances of osteoporosis due to lack of essential micro-nutrients. Reasons for these deficiencies include:
  • Low nutrient absorption
  • Aversion to supplements
  • Different life stages
  • Slower metabolism
    What started as a company to supplement Calcium, shifted swiftly and quickly into wholesome nutrition for women. After multiple conversation with women around deficiencies, daily needs and challenges, we established &Me to create an unique and customized product, suited for women’s body. With our prior nutritional and beverage experience, we launched two categories of products – Rhythm (Comfort during Periods) & Grace (Beauty from within).


    Key Herbs



    &Me ashwagandha

    Prevents anxiety and gives an anergy boost


    &Me shatavari

    Reduces mood swings & maintains reproductive system.


    &Me ashoka


    Increases estrogen levels. Quicker healing of tissues.

    Aloe Vera

    &Me aloe vera


    Quicker wound healing and detoxifies blood.


    &Me lodhra

    Nourishes the skin and helps in maintaining the shape of body.


    &Me neem

    Increases estrogen levels. Quicker healing of tissues


    &Me manjistha

    Prevents anxiety and gives an energy boost


    &Me tumeric

    Reduces mood swings & maintains reproductive system.


    Key Vitamins & Minerals


    &Me vitamin A

    Good for healthy vision, skin and other tissues in the body.

    &Me iron

    Makes up for Iron lost with bleeding in periods. 

    &Me vitamin d

    Balances hormones and reduces risk of osteoporosis.

    &Me Folic Acid

    Elevates mood and helps produce more red blood cells. 

     Improves absorption of Iron. Maintains nail health.

    &Me vitamin b6

    Creates new hemoglobin and prevents hormonal imbalance.

    &Me vitamin c

    Decreases risk of UTI and improves iron absorption.

    &Me calcium

    Strengthens bones. Supports skeletal structure.

    Can men have it?

    It may not have everything you need

    Men, on average, weigh more and are larger than women, which means you might actually need higher doses of some of the nutrients in &Me. The good news is that drinking these won’t hurt you, and can promote and maintain your overall health.

    You might need less iron

    Women use a lot more iron than men.Remember that time of the month?The blood. The Iron loss. Women’s iron reserves deplenish as they move on from adolescence through menstruation to pregnancy and later.
    While we can’t say that &Me was exactly made for you, the differences between men and women when it comes to nutrient needs are actually more minimal than you might imagine.