Women protein products

Women protein products

&Me Women's protein product range is plant based, nourishing and is specifically designed for women health.

Protein is very important for women as it helps provide the basic material for connective tissue, bones, hair, and nails. Every woman needs protein, no matter what stage of life you’re in or what your goals are. If you want to improve your overall health and look and feel amazing, protein is your best friend. 

For women, bone health and density is important, especially as we age.

Protein gives you fullness as it takes longer to digest than other macronutrients, hence helping with managing weight and weight loss in women

Protein is essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails because they’re MADE from protein. More specifically, they’re all made from a structural protein called keratin. Because keratin is made of protein you need to give your body the right building blocks in order to keep making it.

Most protein products in the market have chemicals and not designed for women's needs. Try our plant based, protein for women products and start seeing benefits