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andMe ThyroDiet Tea + Protein Combo

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Weight gain or loss, both are very dangerous for thyroid issues. Our Organic Thyrodiet Tea is 100% vegan, organic, and regularises T3/T4 functions. Our special andMe protein powder helps you to be active for the whole day. Thyroidiet Tea helps you in weight loss and gives your body the right amount of nutrition. This combo provides 30% of daily nutrition to boost energy and immunity

Flavor and Size: Chamomile Ginger (30 Tea Bags) + Choco Almond (500g)

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Ingredients


Increases thyroid function by increasing T3 & T4

Vitamin C

VitaminC is an iodine transporter and protects against free radical damage caused by stress.


Helps in the thyroid hormone synthesis & metabolism


Improve body energy stores and tissue antioxidant capacity and to reduce the tissue build-up of lactic acid.

Pea Protein

promotes muscle thickness

Manage Hypothyroidism Naturally

Due to hormonal changes women face unique nutritional needs. andMe's organic and vegan protein powder is made to give your body 30% of the daily nutrition. Also, this protein powder helps in boosting energy, stamina, immunity, reduces weight, stress and helps in balancing hormones. The protein powder can be consumed post breakfast, post-workout, and even as an evening smoothie. Also, don't worry about your periods, you can consume the protein drink always because it has no side effects.


Yes! You can. Consider andMe thyrodiet tea as your better diet supplement for Thyroid. We would however recommend that you get your Thyroid levels tested before you start taking this tea, and then test again after 3-6 months. As you see your Thyroid levels going down, reduce your medicine dosage in consultation with your doctor. if you have any questions email us at andmecares@merhakifoods.com and we will connect you with our Women health expert nutritionist
andMe Thyroid has a beautifully calming taste of Chamomile and ginger. Best to have before dinner or with Breakfast . It is herbal tea with Vitamins and Minerals, with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.
We recommend you consume 1-2 tea bags a day, daily for 3-6 months. Monitor your thyroid T3/T4 levels every 3 months to keep a check on your improvements.
Moderation is key for Thyroid. Limit intake of raw soy foods: tofu, tempeh, peanuts & certain vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, spinach etc.
(1) Unexplained weight gain or difficulty losing weight (2) Feeling fatigued, Feeling tired, depressed ,lethargic , Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness (3) Swelling in your joints (4) Increased sensitivity to cold .
Consume one tea bag every morning 40min before breakfast.

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About andMe ThyroDiet Tea + Protein Combo:

Up your energy and manage your thyroid effectively with the andMe ThyroDiet Tea + Protein Combo. This combo is ideal for women facing thyroid problems as it balances T3, T4 production, and helps combat fatigue. The ThyroDiet Tea helps in managing weight loss and giving your body nutrition. The andMe Protein Powder helps you stay active through the day - this is especially relevant for people suffering from tiredness due to thyroid. What's more this incredible combo is all natural and has no chemicals in it.