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andMe Women's protein product range is plant based, nourishing and is specifically designed for women health.Protein is very important for women as it helps provide the basic material for connective tissue, bones, hair, and nails. Every woman needs protein, no matter what stage of life you’re in or what your goals are. If you want to improve your overall health and look and feel amazing, protein is your best friend.

green and lean health drink for women 23% off

andMe Green and Lean Drink

Pack of 250g,Vegetables & Fruits

Perfect nutritional blend helps with Detox, Immunity, Digestion, Weight Management and Energy.

Rs. 1,149 Rs. 1,499  23% off

protein powder for women

andMe Women's Protein Powder

Pack of 500g,Choco Almond

Maintains women's overall health with 50 clean ingredients. Best for weight loss, hormonal balance, immunity, energy and stress relief.

Rs. 1,499

andMe Women's Protein Powder + Collagen Combo 10% off

andMe Women's Protein Powder + Collagen Combo

500g Protein + 250g Collagen PowderChoco Almond + Raspberry

Plant based collagen booster helps to prevent internal and external ageing of the skin. Protein for the hormonal balance

Rs. 2,158 Rs. 2,398  10% off

andMe Protein Powder + Biotin Combo 10% off

andMe Protein Powder + Biotin Combo

500g Protein + 150g Biotin,Choco Almond + Coconut milk with Cinnamon

Plant based protein for Hormonal balance. Biotin for the complete hair health nutrition

Rs. 1,978 Rs. 2,198  10% off

pcos and protein combo for women 10% off

andMe PCOS + Protein Combo

30 drinks + 500g Protein,Choco almond + Cranberry

Enrich your PCOS diet with &Me Women's Protein and PCOS drinks to manage PCOS naturally.

Rs. 2,248 Rs. 2,498  10% off

thyrodiet tea and protein combo 10% off

andMe ThyroDiet Tea + Protein Combo

30 Tea bags + 500g Protein,Chamomile Ginger + Choco Almond

Right nutrition for the healthy thyroid glands with plant protein for hormonal balance

Rs. 1,798 Rs. 1,998  10% off

andMe Shaker 25% off

andMe Shaker

Rs. 259 Rs. 349  25% off

andMe Weight Management Combo 50% off

andMe Weight Management Combo

500g+250g,Choco + Super greens

Perfect blend of protein, antioxidants for weight management. help to reduce body acidity, cleanse the body improves digestion, Manages weight...

Rs. 1,498 Rs. 2,998  50% off

andMe Women's Protein(Super Saver Pack) 21% off

andMe Women's Protein(Super Saver Pack)

1Kg Pouch,Choco Almond

New Launch: Plant protein powder for Weight loss, Hormonal balance, Energy, Stamina, immunity, stronger hair and better skin.

Rs. 2,199 Rs. 2,799  21% off