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andMe OvaBoost Drink - Fertility Supplement For Better Egg Quality and Regular Cycle

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Plant-based andMe OvaBoost drink with prenatal vitamins help to conceive. Made with the goodness of CoQ10, DHA, Shatavari, Zinc, Chasteberry, Vitamin B9 and Inositol helps with egg quality and egg health, fertilization, aids in preparing the body for pregnancy, helps to prepare uterus lining. No added preservatives. No harmful chemicals. Flavour: Strawberry, Size: 250g.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Ingredients

Vitamin D

Vitamin D keep your hormone levels in check and may help enhance weight loss and decrease body fat"


Help boost the function of mitochondria thereby improving egg quality


Magnesium like calcium builds bones and teeth It also helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar and enables muscles to contract nerves to send messages blood to clot and enzymes to work


extract of this plant can increase the level of LH and FSH hormones. Thus, the Vitex extract enhances the fertility power


Shatavari increase longevity impart immunity improves mental function

Key Benefits

Miracles take some time!!!

Being stressed is also one of the reasons for infertility. Women with stress took 29% longer time to get pregnant compared to the ones with less stress. So along with andMe OvaBoost drink we recommend you to follow these tips to increase fertility. 1)Yoga and Exercise 2)Follow a healthy diet 3)Meditate to avoid stress.


Add 1 spoon of powder to a 120ml milk or water mix it well and enjoy the drink.
Start from 8 to 12 weeks before planning to conceive and can be consumed in the 1st trimester as well.
No, andMe OvaBoost is made with the goodness of CoQ10, DHA, Shatavari, Zinc, Chasteberry, Vitamin B9 and Inositol which are not harmful, unless if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. 
Pea protein powder, Roasted barley powder, Minerals and Vitamins, Strawberry fruit powder, Lemon powder, Ayurvedic Herb Extracts (Green tea extract, Chasteberry, Gokshura, Shatavari, Amla, Ginger), Beetroot powder, DHA, Stevia, COQ10 (9 mg).

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About andMe Ovaboost Drink:

Ladies, who especially are suffering from PCOs, can face issues before planning pregnancy. PCOS is one of the most common, but curable diseases in women. It can cause fertility problems in most cases. PCOS in females causes less secretion of estrogen, and higher secretion of androgen, which is a male hormone. The imbalance of hormones causes irregularities in periods and also causes issues in your ovaries. Due to PCOS, the immature eggs can't get through the fallopian tube, and hence the bad blood gets block.

But there is no need to worry because andMe's ovaboost drink is here. This natural, organic drink consists of Lodhra, Shatavari, Vitamin B9, Inositol, DHA, and also other beneficial herbs. The ovaboost helps to increase egg quality and quantity. It instigates your fertility and also aids your body for pregnancy, helps in the uterus lining. The ovaboost drink instigates your chance of pregnancy, can be taken with prenatal vitamins and is also due to the first trimester.