Manage PCOS and PCOD Naturally

Manage PCOS and PCOD Naturally

pcos drink

andMe PCOS PCOD Drink

Pack of 250g,Mixed Berries

Manage PCOS by balancing hormones and regularizing periods with a natural and holistic solution with zero side effects.

Rs. 999

pcos and biotin combo 5% off

andMe PCOS + Skin Combo

250g + 250g,Mixed Berries + Raspberry

Manage PCOS and reduce pcos acne naturally with &Me PCOS + Skin drink combo.

Rs. 1,803 Rs. 1,898  5% off

pcos and anti hairfall combo 5% off

andMe PCOS + Anti Hairfall Combo

250g + 150g,Mixed Berries + Coconut Milk

Reduce hair fall while managing PCOS naturally with &Me PCOS + NutriHair combo.

Rs. 1,613 Rs. 1,698  5% off

pcos and protein combo for women 10% off

andMe PCOS + Protein Combo

30 drinks + 500g Protein,Choco almond + Cranberry

Enrich your PCOS diet with &Me Women's Protein and PCOS drinks to manage PCOS naturally.

Rs. 2,248 Rs. 2,498  10% off

pcos tea and thyrodiet tea combo 16% off

andMe PCOS Tea + ThyroDiet Tea Combo

Pack of 30 + 30 Tea bags,Kashmiri Kahwa + Chamomile Ginger

Balance your hormones thus manage Hypothyroidism and PCOS/PCOD naturally.

Rs. 1,101 Rs. 1,320  16% off

fertility combo 4% off

andMe Fertility Combo

Pack of 250g + 250g,Mixed Berries + Strawberry

Helps to balance hormones, reduces stress and manages weight, boost egg quality & health.

Rs. 2,098 Rs. 2,198  4% off

pcos pcod tea 5% off


Pack of 30 Tea Bags,Kashmiri Kahwa

Effective and natural solution to manage PCOS with Ayurvedic herbs, 15% nutrition and zero side effects.

Rs. 1,254 Rs. 1,320  5% off