Best Diabetics friendly health products

Best Diabetics friendly health products

Try these diabetics friendly women health product collection.
All of them have no added sugar, have low glycemic index, low carbs and are high in fiber!  "Best health drinks for diabetics"

If you have diabetics, you need to avoid all processed sugar. Natural fruit sugar is actually good for you as the fruit provides essential micronutrients important for your wellbeing. Hence, the sweetness in our drinks, chocolates or teas comes from natural sugar, we do not add any additional sugar in the products. Hence, "Sugarfree" of any process sugar :). Stevia leaf extracts are used in some products. 

pcos pcod tea 5% off


Pack of 30 Tea Bags,Kashmiri Kahwa

Effective and natural solution to manage PCOS with Ayurvedic herbs, 15% nutrition and zero side effects.

Rs. 1,254 Rs. 1,320  5% off

period chocolate 24% off

andMe Period Chocolate

Pack of 4,Fruits & Nuts

Fulfilles your period cravings and improves mood with 55% cocoa, 45% herbs, vitamins and minerals and Zero sugar.

Rs. 756 Rs. 996  24% off

pcos tea and thyrodiet tea combo 16% off

andMe PCOS Tea + ThyroDiet Tea Combo

Pack of 30 + 30 Tea bags,Kashmiri Kahwa + Chamomile Ginger

Balance your hormones thus manage Hypothyroidism and PCOS/PCOD naturally.

Rs. 1,101 Rs. 1,320  16% off

pcos and protein combo for women 10% off

andMe PCOS + Protein Combo

30 drinks + 500g Protein,Choco almond + Cranberry

Enrich your PCOS diet with &Me Women's Protein and PCOS drinks to manage PCOS naturally.

Rs. 2,248 Rs. 2,498  10% off