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andMe Smart Greens Calcium Tablets for Women | Vegan, Plant Based | Best Calcium Supplement with Vitamin K2, Vitamin D & Amla | For Bone, Joint & Muscle Health | Non-GMO | 60 Tablets

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andMe aims at empowering women with health. It’s a brand that understands that a woman’s body has different nutritional needs because of her unique hormonal cycles. andMe has now partnered with Smart Greens to introduce these Gluten-Free Calcium tablets derived from natural ingredients like superfoods and fruits, making them plant-based and super effective. The pack contains 60 tablets. These calcium tablets may help reduce inflammation in bones and improve bone, joint and muscle strength. These tablets should be consumed under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Key Ingredients


Extremely rich in Vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Vitamin D

Help your body absorb calcium and phosphorus, key minerals for bone health.


 Promotes bone growth and helps prevent the bones from breaking down.

Bid a farewell to calcium deficiencies:

Our calcium supplement is specially formulated for women. It provides a daily dose of calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D. These ingredients are crucial for bone health and bone strength and help support muscle, joint and bone wellness. Our women’s calcium tablets also contain Amla extract, a potent source of Vitamin C. This vitamin can help with the absorption of iron in the body, promoting healthy blood circulation to all parts of the body, including the bones. As a result, our calcium supplement helps improve overall bone health for stronger bones and better wellness.


We all need to eat a wide variety of foods every day. But, even with a healthy diet, most people lack certain nutrients. Taking andMe's health supplements can help you get the nutrition your body needs, whether you're an athlete, busy professional or anything in between.
Our products have no side effects on your health. In addition, these calcium capsules are keto-friendly and gluten-free.
andMe's Calcium capsules strengthen bone and muscle strength and help in better calcium absorption.
You can consult with a doctor regarding the daily dosage.

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We will be with you in your health journey. Starting with you getting a detailed how-to-use guide to free calls from our consultant to 24*7 live support. We are there when you need us. You won't be alone.

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Calcium is a mineral necessary for life, required by the body for healthy bones, teeth and normal blood clotting. Calcium is also needed to maintain proper heart rhythm muscle function and helps cells usually communicate. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce its calcium, coming from outside sources like daily diet and calcium capsules. Calcium is found in many foods, including dairy products (milk and cheese), green leafy vegetables (such as broccoli and kale), fish with soft bones (such as sardines and canned salmon) and some types of beans.
The andMe Smart Greens Women’s calcium tablets deliver a daily dose of powerful, natural ingredients that may boost bone strength, improve muscle and joint wellness, and might reduce the risk of osteoporosis and joint inflammation for a stronger, healthier you. Our calcium for women is made with magnesium, zinc, Vitamin K2, D and Amla for a powerful formula that improves overall bone health. In addition to better bone health, Vitamin D and calcium in our tablets support healthy calcium absorption in the body. Our calcium tablets for women are vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, with no artificial colours, no added preservatives, no GMO, and are Keto friendly.