Collagen Booster and Biotin

andMe ThyroDiet Tea 24% off

andMe ThyroDiet Tea

Pack of 60 Tea Bags,Chamomile Ginger

For better functioning of Thyroid glands. Restores thyroid hormones, helps in weight loss and reduces fatigue.

Rs. 499 Rs. 660  24% off

andMe Anti Ageing Collagen Booster

andMe Anti Ageing Collagen Booster

Pack of 250g,Raspberry

Plant based collagen booster helps to prevent internal and external ageing of the skin. 24K gold flakes provides youthuful glow.

Rs. 899

andMe Biotin Powder

andMe Biotin Powder

Pack of 150g,Cinnamon & Coconut Milk Powder

Biotin powder for complete hair health nutrition. Helps with hair growth, strengthens hair and repairs hair structure

Rs. 699

pcos and biotin combo 5% off

andMe PCOS + Skin Combo

250g + 250g,Mixed Berries + Raspberry

Manage PCOS and reduce pcos acne naturally with &Me PCOS + Skin drink combo.

Rs. 1,803 Rs. 1,898  5% off

andMe Hair and Skin combo 6% off

andMe Hair and Skin combo

Pack of 250g Collagen + 150g Biotin,Raspberry + Coconut Milk

Holistic beauty combo to get glowing young skin and strong and healthy hair with right nutrition. Zero chemicals.

Rs. 1,498 Rs. 1,598  6% off

pcos and anti hairfall combo 5% off

andMe PCOS + Anti Hairfall Combo

250g + 150g,Mixed Berries + Coconut Milk

Reduce hair fall while managing PCOS naturally with &Me PCOS + NutriHair combo.

Rs. 1,613 Rs. 1,698  5% off

andMe Shaker 25% off

andMe Shaker

Rs. 259 Rs. 349  25% off

thyrodiet tea and protein combo 10% off

andMe ThyroDiet Tea + Protein Combo

30 Tea bags + 500g Protein,Chamomile Ginger + Choco Almond

Right nutrition for the healthy thyroid glands with plant protein for hormonal balance

Rs. 1,798 Rs. 1,998  10% off