You are Unstoppable

A tear glistened and trickled down her cheeks. She opened her eyes to the huge expanse of the blue ocean in front of her. The sky seamlessly blended with the waters. It was the scene of vastness that gave her peace within. She noticed an aircraft crossing the ocean and recollected peeping at the Atlantic Ocean on her way to the USA. She closed her eyes and exhaled.

The thought of USA, took her mind to Gita Gopinath. She had made news for being appointed as the Chief Economist at International Monetary Fund. She had humble beginnings and where she had reached now seemed surreal. The thoughts reached India to Nirmala Sitharaman, the current Defence Minister in the Government of India. Her simple outlook housed a strong calibre to handle a superior position in the ministry.

She had a sense of relief. She could somehow make way to feel better. When again, the thoughts of periods, marriage, children clouded her mind. She had a secret desire and an ambition. Would it be possible when womanhood had a set of biological and social conditions? She could not imagine drawing boundaries for herself. She was deeply in love with her dream.

You are unstoppable- Womens day blog

Her mind had a train of thoughts coming. I have anxiety during my periods, can I still do what I want?’ ‘My parents want me to be married, will my new family allow me to do what I want?’ ‘What happens after I have children, should I stop aiming higher?’ She paused in perplexity.

Her eyes blinked at the ice cream cart. PV Sindhu was in a smashing angle, her intensive practise with her coach during Olympics was known to all. She must not have been worried about her periods. What about Mary Kom? She had three children and went on to win medals for our country. She had to work-out and practise for hours to maintain her stamina for boxing with other athletic opponents. Her children must be proud of her today.

She mildly relaxed her stiffened body. She tried to connect the dots between all the women she thought about. She just could not figure out what was the missing string. Her eyes suddenly saw a woman strolling with her spouse on her wheel chair. She overheard them speak, that an accident caused the spinal cord injury to make her paraplegic. She felt a lump in her throat, what if she has a serious injury? She shut her eyes.

Her mind was an instant search engine. Arunima Sinha’s heart wrenching story came in front her. A National level volley ball player was pushed out of a running train when she resisted people who came to rob her. That resulted her knee to be amputated. She did not give up, she became the first Indian amputee woman to ascend the Mount Everest summit.

The blackness in her head was lit up. She opened her eyes with delight. She knew what it was. She knew the answer to the questions that kept showing up. She could connect every woman with a common string. It was the string of WILL POWER! Nothing else mattered. It was this, only this. It pushed everyone to work hard, chase their dreams and be victorious in their segments. Everyone loved them, their family, their friends and the entire country.

She stood from where she was sitting for so long. She dusted the sand particles that had stuck her suit. She put on her goggles and fastened her paddles, she ran towards the ocean and dived. She dived deeper, deeper and deeper. She wanted to be a diver and explore the underwater living beings. Nothing could stop her, she was unstoppable!

She is also You! You are a WOMAN! You can go anywhere or any heights when you set your mind and heart to your goal. You will be loved and appreciated for all the roles you play and also for making your dreams come true.

Run today, Run now, Run towards what you want and who you want to be. Run, Run, Run…


Womens day- unstoppable she is


  • Posted by Sunitha on

    Hey mallika
    First thing a very happy Women’s Day to you also after reading your words feels like celebrating Women’s Day daily.Very inspiring and motivated I felt. Keep going good luck

  • Posted by Roopa Prakash on

    Hi Mallika, as usual a very interesting write up. Patience, perseverance, power of inner mind can help anyone be an achiever. We need an aim which is our dream, a GURU to show the right path, to accomplish the dream. You have nicely put together all women achievers who have had their own set of problems, the hurdles which they have crossed successfully to achieve their goal. Keep writing…it motivates us to achieve better. Thanks again

  • Posted by Sindhu BS on

    Beautiful article, Mallika. I was transported to a world where I could imagine myself as the woman in this article, because periods do make us ‘feel’ like we are limited. But your writing instills a lot of hope that periods needn’t be limiting at all. Also, thank you for including so many women’s names because it introduced me to some of them who I didn’t know about.

    I came across your article through your blog which I follow quite religiously. I hadnt heard of the andme brand until I stumbled upon your article. Coincidentally, today I had been to Organic Mandya and saw andme drink, picked it up and drank it, and I must say I really liked it. It was a unique blend of flavours. Very indian flavours as well.

    It’s nice to know that a brand is coming out as women in period as its niche. The only feedback I have for andme is to ask them to include some other flavours like chocolate or some fruity ones, because while on my period, I crave for flavours like this.

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