Why women need more...?

It is a widely known fact that calorie needs of women differ from that of men. Overall, men have a larger body structure and muscle mass and hence the calories needed to maintain the same body type will inevitably be greater. Women, on the other hand, have considerably lower calorie requirements. If you compare an average-sized man and woman of the same height and weight - women burn 2000 calories per day while her male counterpart will burn an excess of 800 calories (2800 calories in total).

But that’s just calories. What about the nutrients?




Let’s dive in a little deeper.


Women use a lot more iron than men.

Remember that time of the month?

The blood. The Iron loss.

Women’s iron reserves deplenish as they move on from adolescence through menstruation to pregnancy and later. According to research 51% of women, aged 20-35, suffer from Anemia. Oral contraceptives and intrauterine devices (contraceptives) are also a major cause of anemia as they increase blood flow and this leads to loss of iron.

With age, their body’s demand for iron and calcium increases. If this is not catered to by improving diet, the demand remains unfulfilled and hence leads to chronic deficiencies.

Long standing anemia deficiency can lead to mental changes and also put additional burden on the heart muscles as they have to pump more oxygen to all cells in the body. Worst case scenario, this may also be a cause for heart failure in the coming years.

Iron supplements should only be taken upon consultation of a doctor. Iron is best absorbed when taken with orange juice rather than water (Vitamin C aids absorption of iron).

So ladies, let’s get some Sangrias in the house, shall we? Hoot hoot!


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