“No-No” for Holi during periods? Change it to YES!

"Holi he holi, oh bhai holi he" your mind started singing this song in your head even before a month's time for the colour of festivals to come your way. All you thought was playing with colours, throwing water balloons at your friends and pour buckets of water on them until they gasped for breath.

Came the first day of Holi, Rang Pashi and you sought blessings from your grandparents and elders at home. Next day, the Puno had you spend quality time with the community. You waited to play on Parva, the last day of Holi to celebrate with colours. The next morning, you woke up excitedly to notice a red colour on your undies and you suddenly froze!

What happens when you have periods on a Holi day? What bothers you? You cannot run and jump around? Afraid that your pad will slip away when coloured water floods on you? You think the blood seeps out of your white dress and attracts stares from people around you? Is it the cramps or the mood swings? Are there many factors that may force you to withdraw from the fun and frolic?

Whatever is your worry, you can concoct ways to handle yourself better and not miss the jamboree. To be carefree about the red stain is to colour your dress in red Holi colour and just pretend everything is fine. Red is the colour of your period and so is the Holi colour on your dress. Holi, anyway fills your dress with myriad colours. So no worry for stains.

Does the thought of clog pads make you uncomfortable while you wanted to free yourselves to the fullest? Think about a menstrual cup or tampon that doesn't interfere in your love of colours!

You are geared up to handle your hygiene but bothered by the uneasiness and discomfort in your body that makes you re-think about your involvement in the big fun? Drink lots of water and keep a hot water bag on your tummy to soothe your discomfort. Being hydrated helps you keep up your energy levels while you run from your chasing friends. Grab a bottle of &Me, packed with nutrients and herbs, that will help you cruise through the day.

Holi during periods - &Me drinks

Do you still feel stuck to pull off a jolly Holi during your periods? 

It's never a "No-No" for Holi during periods, you can make it a "Yes-Yes" by breaking your shackles, bursting the myths and freeing yourself to be the REAL YOU!


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