Myths and facts about Vitamin D & Calcium combination

We often get our nutritional advise from a range of blogs, journals and people. One observation that is certain from these tips is that, they are never similar.

Hence, it is always good to conduct ample background research before setting our diet right. TV commercials  and Newspaper articles are always filled with the effects of calcium and vitamin D on human body. With all of this information coming in from different sources, it could sometimes get confusing, even daunting to do the right.

In this post, we'll try to discuss a few facts and myths about this wonder combination that keeps our bones and metabolism healthy.



Research points out that women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. Therefore, it is clear that both the sexes require different amounts of calcium in their diet. For women, a diet rich in calcium will help strengthen bones and reduce the risk of fractures while maintaining their skeletal structure. It also helps regulate blood pressure in women.

On the contrary, a high calcium diet would increases the risk of prostate cancer in men. 

Vitamin D

The principal function of Vitamin D is to help enhance calcium and phosphorus absorption in the body.

Now, let's talk about the predominant source of Vitamin D - Sunlight. The one free source that's available to all and yet we all lack. Vitamin D is essential for many biological processes including building up the immune system and sustaining bone mass. 

Vitamin D Deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, osteomalacia, muscle weakness. It is not readily available in a majority of the foods. So lets start with early morning walks to help absorb this freely available energy.

Symptoms like fragile bones, depression accompanied by polycystic overy syndrome (PCOS), obesity and diabetes can be avoided by 15 to 30 mins of exposure to sunlight along with fortified orange juice and milk, which contain 110 to 130 IUs. Currently, breakfast cereal manufacturers are also fortifying vitamin D into their food, so keep an eye out in the supermarket for those. 

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