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Indian Women’s Cricket Team enters the semi-finals of ICC T20 World Cup 2018! With 8 points and a lead in the group, 4 matches played and won, this is when I start a Google search on the team and subsequently its captain - Mithali Dorai Raj.

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What you get to read is very interesting and inspiring.

  • Age: 35; started learning cricket at the age of 10, has around 200 matches to her stats.
  • Holder of the Arjuna Award and Padma Shri to name a few.
  • The only women cricketer to have crossed 6000 runs in women’s ODI.
  • 1st Indian and 5th international woman cricketer to score over 1000 world cup runs.
  • Previous record holder of highest individual score by an Indian woman cricketer.
  • Highest total runs in women’s international cricket.
  • Scored 7 consecutive half centuries.
  • Able to score quick runs and stay composed in critical situations, etc etc.


This is indeed a superwoman.

So what is the secret to her fitness?

Mithali believes the key to her long success is all about maintaining a good fitness with proper recovery and rest periods. Her nutrition is an intake of more of proteins and less of carbohydrates. Her meals are a combination of grilled food, vegetables, salads and nuts, minus aerated drinks, fried food and excess of sweets.

A keen bharatnatyam dancer, she credits her dance practice for keeping her body fit and legs intact, apart from cardio-muscular exercises, running, yoga and other exercise methods.

To have started a career in a field that was not much supported for women, and to have proved herself as a player and a leader to the world, Mithali is an idol for all those women who believe in following their passion, no matter what!

Says Mithali, “When you are in a low phase, at that moment it is important that you don’t lose faith in yourself.”

Kudos to the warrior in her, on and off-field, and for the energy she has put in to stay strong and consistent throughout her journey.

So all you girls out there, stay fit, trust yourself, eat nutritious food, supplemented with our range of natural and nutritious ayurvedic drinks for the different phases of your life, take care of yourself, and don’t just follow your dreams, stay consistent all throughout with the right amount of health, rhythm and grace! Stay strong!

And Mithali Raj – we at &Me are proud of you!


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