Weight Loss Story: An inspirational transformation [Before-and-After]

Trust me, watching a person who successfully loses weight and transforms is more inspirational (in my opinion) than listening to a fitness coach who has a perfect body. Nobody taught me this but when my dress tore from the shoulder at a party, that was my wake up call!

This is my way of starting (with a conclusion) this blog!

I am Chetna Kapoor (a 26 year old Journalist) who will take you on a small little journey of my transformation. Well, there was enough of it – Losing 15 kgs in about five months was the kind of waste that my life needed! I was 75 kgs in March 2017 and as of today, I weigh 59.5 kgs.


Weight loss journey- Before and After 


After trying different kinds of diet regimes, I decided to stick to a moderate low-carb diet. Believe me I ate everything healthy and didn’t stay hungry. From Upma, Poha, Idli, Brown Bread, Whole wheat pasta, vegetables or parathas etc, I hogged on everything but in limit. Calorie count was the mantra. And some kind of physical activity along with the diet.

What were my lifestyle changes? Right from my water intake (3 litres or more), an early dinner (7 PM), no sugar/junk policy, one new restaurant a month to buying healthy/organic food items — I practiced the smallest of the things religiously.

Look how it all turned out:

  • From 32 to a 28 (I am talking about my waist!)
  • From trying everything from XL size to feeling the pinch of disappointment in finding out that losing my weight also meant letting go of the luxury — that were my dear loose clothes.
  • From having trouble to choose from the wide delicacies that restaurants/bakeries offered to screwing up my face trying to keep track of the calorie count.
  • From never hearing the end of ‘plus size’ taunts to people asking me for weight-loss tips.
  • From my cheeks oozing chubbiness & literally touching my eyes to getting sharp cheekbones suddenly!
  • Water is life. Sugar is Danger.
  • From being seen as a ‘Tomboy’ to people finally recognizing me enough to ask me out on dates (yeah right, good luck with that!)
  • From thinking of what others would think/they like to suddenly focus on myself and my choices.

I am sure you must be thinking about my food cravings? My cheat days are my PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) days. And being a woman I definitely have to take extra care of myself during that time because it is a condition that affects my emotions, physical health, and behavior just before my menses. So, two major things I swear by during this time that has worked wonders, honestly.

  1. Rhythm and Grace. That’s what I needed. While I was on my diet, I came across this product and it the journey was magical post that. The two healthy drinks made for women. I had the drink on the first four days of my cycle which brought in a noticeable change in my health. I have been taking it ever since. With weight gain, all the wrong kind of health issues knock you out. So, being overweight means dealing with medicines, constant fat-jokes from people and limited wardrobe options. The &Me drinks along with your regular diet is what one needs!
  1. My sweet & spicy tooth. So, I hog on (not literally) some baked cheesecake, jalebi, Ragi-base Pizza or some Arabiatta pasta.

It has been something to reminisce over…again and again and again. No, I did not get liposuction or spend half my day at the gym. Infact, no gym! I have enrolled myself and failed n number of times and I now put my energy in home workout that includes going up and down the stairs, Suryanamaskar, a few planks and 5 kg dumbell.

Heck lot of patience, willpower and self-control — is the key.  And with all this, comes the confidence!

From confused and annoyed to bold and beautiful (from within, the rest I leave to you). I believe I definitely made a lemonade and probably even squished some lemon (in people’s eyes) when life threw giant lemons at me.

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