Beauty from within!

“Let’s take a selfie”.. camera click 1, camera click 2, camera click 3.. “

“Let’s take another, please. I don’t like my hair in this one”

“Oh no, I don’t like this angle!”

“Please do not post this image up on social media, use this pic instead. I look BEAUTIFUL in this one”…


We have all been there, done that! Haven’t we?

Research states that

  1. Four out of every five negative beauty tweets from women were about themselves.
  2. 63% of women surveyed believe social media has a greater impact on how we define beauty than print media, film and music.
  3. Seven in 10 girls with low body esteem told the researchers they stopped themselves from eating or otherwise put their health at risk.

Doesn’t all this sound extremely alarming?

Social media is incredibly powerful. We all live in a digital age, where everything that we see and hear, comes from a social media source. We wake up in the morning and go to the bed with our phones/ laptops by our sides. The first thing we see is what others are upto and the last thing we see is also the same. Has all this really changed our entire perception on REALITY? On REAL BEAUTY?

When we talk about beauty, what is the first thing that pops up? A model, a celebrity, a beauty blogger, a fitness youtube channel? Many a time, social media posts aggravate frequent users to develop a skewed impression of the world. People today are developing unrealistic standards when it comes to their looks and understanding beauty as a whole.

However, social media can act like a double edge sword like any other medium. It really depends on how we use it and what we implement in our lives from it. How about we start by just pondering on the following and starting to absorb what really matters to us?

  1. True beauty is not defined by outer appearance, the way we look or how pretty we are- it’s truly defined by our character. We need to understand that gone are the days when beauty was defined by skin colour, body shape etc.. Today people, even some known celebrities are very out and open about truly defining beauty and accepting ourselves the way we are.

  1. True beauty also means making a difference in others’ lives- How? Let’s start by doing one good deed every day and journaling it down. It could be anything – make your own bed, call your neighbor over for tea, make a cup of coffee for your maid etc.. Simple stuff, right? It’ll make you feel beautiful from within.
  1. Self-love and awareness are also true beauty – EQ over IQ. Let’s be our own best friends, let’s start talking to ourselves like how we talk to any other friend. Let’s stop beating ourselves over petty things, let’s forgive ourselves, motivate ourselves, be our own cheerleaders. It isn’t tough and it definitely isn’t boastful. Let’s make self- regime our top priority.

Let’s be the best of what we have and let’s feel worth it! What say, ladies? Or the ‘beautiful’ men reading this?


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