January 2019 Health Horoscope | Tarot Reading

January 2019 Health Horoscope | Tarot Reading

As 2019 begins, make this year about a ‘happy You’. Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Women’s health and well-being is important in today’s age and time- considering the hectic and busy lifestyle everyone is into.

We spoke to Tarot Counsellor and Access Consciousness Practitioner, Kavita Kapoor who focused more on Mental Health and happiness for the month of January.

“The best exercise is the one you're not doing. To achieve the best results, try and challenge your body in new ways. Classic moves like pushup, lunge, and squat are the staples of any good workout plan, but, a few mental health exercises will help you find a happier ‘You’. When at work, try and meditate at your desk for a minute or listen to songs, engage with others or just take a moment to laugh.”

Capricorn: Be cautious about your health and follow the advice of elders. Nothing major but please do take care of your health! Mentally focus on what you desire for your success rather than over thinking and creating hurdles.

Aquarius: You will feel tired, robotic and burnt out. Trust the Universe and everything will be fine. Let go of the unnecessary thoughts. So, be open and don’t let pressure come on your heart. Mental happiness is as important as physical happiness, that’s your mantra for the month.

Pisces: You are getting stuck between right and wrong/good and bad of things so choices are not made as per your liking. January is a joyful month as you will celebrate life.

Aries: Reinvent yourself and work towards purity and heart. A few concerns related to health in January but that can be reversed if you follow your inner voice, trust yourself.

Taurus: Take charge of your emotions this month. Mind is over working and stomach issues might crop up. Toxicity needs to go and emotional healing is required.

Gemini: Heart is health. You may feel restless and uncomfortable if you don’t vent out or are open to receiving love. Childbirth/fertility/conception is indicated for Gemini this month!

Cancer: There’s conflict within yourself. Battle between heart and mind. Balance your emotions. Be watchful and protect yourself and preserve your energies for the right thing! Do workout and eat well.

Leo: Very intelligent people, Leo! But try not going against yourself. Be calm and avoid pressure on your head and heart. Health has to be your priority and take additional care for the same. Be good to yourself and be positive, dear Leo.

Virgo: Be careful of your stomach. Take one step at a time and don’t overburden yourself. The more you share, the more you cleanse your body. So, give it all out and share your joys with people.

Libra: Operate out of your consciousness. Focus on your creativity. Go out in the nature and practice some Yoga. Some mental exercises would be helpful. Follow your heart and be happy.

Scorpio: Be patient. Be alert and cautious about your health. Things will look up this month, give it time. Operate out of wisdom and maturity in January, dear Scorpions.

Sagittarius: Take care of your emotional health this month. Cards indicate that moderation is the key to enjoy the simple delights of life. Sagittarian women can definitely begin a healthy diet this month but be careful of those calories you consume!



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